Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bits n Bobs n Catch Up

Hello lovelies. 
Is anyone feeling festive yet?
The Littlies are desperate to get the Christmas tree up and I have to say I am quite keen but the de-clutter and clean up has to take place first and traditionally we get our tree the weekend before eldest's birthday, which would make it tree time next weekend. 
I tried to keep the Festive spirit alive in them by giving them a brilliant pack of gummed paper strips to make paper chains from Wilkinsons which cost a fantastic £1.00!!! I haven't seen the three of them so quite and engrossed in anything for such a long time.
4hours!!! A whole 4 hours of quiet.
They had a ball. Now I don't have a clue where I am going to put them as they would reach from here to the moon and back :)

£1.00 well spent me thinks.

My needles have been busy too. I started to make these little socks
 or Elf stockings as the kids have called them.

I started out on this as an advent calender but there is no hope of finishing everything I have to do and knit 24 of them so some are going on the tree and some are going to have a miniature of booze (probably Baileys) in them and a choccy and sent home to Scotland as little pressies.

I have knitted so many hats of late but biggest Littlie pinches them all so I knitted this one for me, me, me I tell you!!! I am determined to keep this one because I had a terrible time knitting it. The yarn had a lot of lanolin left in it and made my hands break out and bleed. Was I deterred?  Not chuffing likely! I am made of sterner stuff than that. I ended up knitting it wearing cotton gloves. Once it was washed it was much better and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The pattern is Star Crossed Slouchy Beret one Ravelry it's a fantastic pattern and a quick and enjoyable knit. 

I have also been making Christmas decorations at Glass Class to give as Christmas gifts but I think I'm going to have to keep the little Robin for myself!

Righto I am off to do a bit more de-cluttering while Middlie is asleep. She has a tummy bug and isn't feeling well at all. I hope she's better for school next week because she has a school disco, Nativity Play and Ballet performance but also Eldest has friends sleeping over next weekend for her 13 Birthday and Middlie has a bedroom to tidy before that can happen!

Thanks for popping by. Have a great week.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hermione! Hermione! Hermione Granger!

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all? I hope you're well.
Thank you all for the warm anniversary wishes and lovely comments on Mr TB's pressie.

The title of this post comes from a video my Littlies love an recreate frequently.
It's bizarre but they find it funny.
I am not a huge Potter fan but they are and now every time the mention a name from the films all I can hear is this little clip!
Biggest Littlie loved the hat that Hermione wears in The Deathly Hallows film (or Deathly Heeeelllooooo's! As me and Mr TB call it to irritate our children, as is our duty as partents.)  

I had a search on Ravelry and as usual it came up with the goods! A free pattern available form this clever ladies blog Linky.
It has been in my project list for a while and I wanted to clear the decks for some projects for myself and for Christmas projects 
(sorry for that mention of the "C" word") 
 So once I finished Middle Littlies socks on Sunday I cast it on!
It was a really simple and quick pattern and oh the deep joy of knitting with something thicker than sock yarn on needles bigger than 2.25mm!!! It was done before I knew it and all for the bargain price of under £2.
The yarn is Serenity by Wendy, colourway is Boysenberry bought from fantastic Kemps.
So here it is the Hermione! Hermione!Hermione Granger hat :)

Biggest Littlie loves it and there is enough yarm left over for some fingerless mitts I think but ONLY when I find the time 
(maybe as a gift for "C" word or her Birthday which is in 4 weeks)

So far be it from me to let the grass grow and all that I cast another hat on last night :)
I will save that for my next post.

Before I go I wanted to give my friends blog a quick shout out. If you are fans of Downtown Abbey or indeed Playmobile (you'll understand when you visit) pop  over and say hello and discover The Adventures of Lady Grantham.
Have a great week everyone.

Friday, 11 November 2011


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary
them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in themorning, We will remember them.
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those who have passed away and to our current serving friends and family, may they come back to us safe and sound.

Friday, 4 November 2011

16 years Ago Today!

:: Hello you lovely people!::
Thank you for all the funny comments on my last post. I love how so many of you tried to put a positive spin on  the shocking shorts. I hope I made you smile.

Today is my wedding anniversary. 16 years ago today I married my soul mate and best friend. 
He really was my best friend (before we went out together) and still is  !

He is my world and I am so lucky to have him. 
We don't normally give anniversary gifts, we just exchange cards but we have been through a lot over the last 2years and I don't think we could have coped without each other to lean on. So, I made him something special ....

Have a great weekend!
Love Tickety-boo


Monday, 24 October 2011

A Good Lesson to Learn!

I saw this and have to share this very serious concern with you lovely people.
Just because you can crochet
doesn't mean you should!

 Have a great day everyone.
Love Tickety-boo
ETA: the source of these abominations and many more is 
The Ugly Sweater blog 
I dread to think what these are sweating eeeeewwwwwwww! 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Starry Blanket Ta-Dah

:: Hello lovely blog followers!::
How are you all? I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I am popping in again quickly to show you my crafty makes of the week. It's another quick post because I have some work to do today. I have been working my butt off to be honest but that's not what this post is about.

The first up is my quick stained glass project. I was at my class a few days ago and noticed at the bottom of my glass box,  the most beautiful colours glowing up at me. These were off-cuts from other projects. I put them on my board and they just begged to be leaded together. 
No smarty pants faffing, no tricky curves or over complicated design 
(which is what I usually do to myself then get very frustrated)
Just simplicity to show off the beauty of the glass and it's sumptuous colours.

I just have to mount it on my back door now. 

And now to the yarny bit! 
As you know my nephew Archie arrived on Friday 7 October. Now during the summer I started to knit A baby sleep sack in anticipation of his arrival. I should have known better as my family have a history of BIG babies and the sleep sack turned out quite small. He was over 9lb and I think the sleep sack is too small for him,( so I'll keep it for a friend whose baby is overdue and I'll share the Tad-Dah for that when the baby is here safely)
That left me a present down! Arrrrgggggg what to do when spare time to hook or knit is at a premium ??????
I found some Vanna's Choice Baby yarn in my stash that came from my first swap. It's Aran weight and uses a 6mm hook so a project using this would grow quickly. I looked through my Ravelry queued projects and found the lovely 
Chromium Star Blanket What a lovely project I thought to myself!
EPIC FAIL!!!!!!! 
Maybe because I didn't have time or brain space to work it out but I could not get through the first 3 rounds no matter what I tried and after a little research I was by no means the only person to have that problem. 
Nothing else for it I was going to have to wing it!!
I would have to improvise a pattern and trust my hooky instincts. I decided if it didn't work it would be an online purchase of clothes instead of a blanket.
It did work...........Yay! I am so pleased with myself. Two evenings work (and sending Mr TB out to buy more yarn so I could complete the project)
and this is what I made.............


I am really happy with it! I wish I'd figured out a way of having a closed centre but as my first piece of totally improvised working I am really chuffed.

Right-o. I will have to love you and leave you as I have to go do some work before I fall behind. I will be glad if these extra hours when it comes to Christmas and I take it all back as time off in one go!

Have a great week lovely people.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Arrival

::::::The baby I have been knitting for like mad has arrived!::::
It's a BOY!
Looks like I was right to make a blue Teddy.
My new nephew Archie arrived safely yesterday morning.
Delighted he's here safe and well.
Thought I's pop by to let you know :)
Love Tickety-boo

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Teddy Ta-Dah!

Happy Wednesday to you all!
I am bobbing by quickly to introduce you to Ted.
Ted will be winging his way to Scotland this weekend when my brothers baby is born.
After 3 boys I decided it may be another nephew so I made him in blue but I am now worried it'll be a girl so I am about to hook like mad and make a girlie Ted just in case! 
He was a one day wonder made from a pattern bought on eBay LINKIE
He only used about 25g of Rico Baby cotton with a 3.5mm hook.
I didn't want to use toy eyes for him as he is going to a baby so I embroidered all his features on. Total genius in this pattern of using dental floss to give him moveable limbs!

Isn't he a cutie!
I love him and hope the new baby too :)
Ok that's it for my quick post my bloggy friends. Thanks for popping by!


Saturday, 1 October 2011

And the Winner is...............................................

Good Morning bloggy peeps!!
It's the first day of October 2011 and that means it's
 Giveaway Day.
All the names were written down by me

then folded

Smallest Littlie was enlisted  as my glamorous assistant

 He shut his eyes tight and popped in his little hand

and picked out a winner!

And the winner is........................................................................

Clicky Needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Congratulations Clicky Needles I will email you.

 I am off to enjoy the Indian Summer we are having and hopefully make a few  Butterfly Garden Squares Much love to you all.
Have a great week.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


:: Hello you lovely people::
I am sorry I have not been very attentive of late have I? I just don't know where time goes! Life has been so full (I suppose that's how a domestic goddess would put it but I am a mere mortal and have found it a little overwhelming in a "shall I shove a broom up my bum and I could sweep the floor as I go?" kinda way)  since coming back from our holibobs that I haven't sat down and kept you all up to date with the goings on. I am sorry and thank you for sticking by me you are such a lovely bunch. I will try to get back to posting on a weekly basis soon.
I have had a lovely response for the Giveaway.There is still time to enter if you wish. Just leave me a comment on the Giveaway post and I will add you to the draw which will take place on 1st October and remember if you give me a shout out on your blog you get another chance to win.

So what have I been up to? Well apart from running around The Cotswolds with the Tickety-boo tribe in tow, going to Marshall Arts, Ballet classes, extra Ballet classes for exams, drama club, football, rugby and street dance not too much really!!!

I have somehow started another blanket! It's the fault of the lovely Ravelry member Owlcrazi.  I blame her totally for playing to my weakness for all things yarny. She posted her finished  Butterfly Garden Blanket and I thought "ooooo that's pretty" and then "ooo I could have a go at one of those squares with all my left over Stylecraft" 
and so the beast was unleashed the pretty blanket began ;)
It's a free pattern by Chris Simon. for non-Ravelry members (I strongly suggest you become one you don't know what you are missing!) here's a linkie to the blog it's posted on.

The squares are larger than the granny squares I have made in the past but I think that's what I quite like about them. Biggest littlie has already nailed her colour to the mast declaring "I hope that's for me!" so I can see this being a stash increaser rather than a stash buster as it started out!!
I am soooooo enjoying this pattern. it's easily remembered after a couple of squares which makes for "Mum can you put down your crochet/knitting and help me with my homework?" or sit for an hour outside ballet school in the car with grumping kids waiting for their sibling a good multi-tasking  project.

Want to see my progress so far?

I am thinking a green or turquoise border around the squares to join them and a nice red or green (depending on the joining colour) picot edge around that.

Anyhoo I want to leave you with this gorgeous song from one of my favourite people on this planet! 
Tim Minchin.
It has been stuck in my head all week.
The man is a genius and his talent knows no bounds. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Just click on this link.
Oh but a word of warning if you watch this and like it and then think in a totally YouTubetastic binge that you would like to see more of Tim's work, some but not all of his songs are not for the easily offended or to be listened to when little ears are around.
Have a lovely week one and all!
Love Tickety-boo


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holibobs Multi-coloured Swap Socks Ta- Dah and Giveaway News!!!

:: Helllllooooooooo!::
How are you all? Well it's been a while hasn't it?
Welcome to the new followers and welcome back to regulars here.

So yes I am back from my holibobs! Oh that was a well needed holiday.
 Boy oh boy it was a good one.
We went to visit my lovely family on the East Coast of Scotland for a few days first.  There has been a massive amount happened in the last 3years which has prevented me from getting up there so it was great to have some quality time and a few good laughs with my Mum and Dad and my big sis and her lovely family but also to see old friends.
 We also had a Middle Littlies 10th Birthday there with a visit to
 Camperdown Wildlife Centre followed by LOTS of cake!!!!!!

Then it was off to the Highlands for the holiday proper. I have been going to the same place on the West Coast for the last 33years and I have never felt the same feeling anywhere else in the world than this place gives me gives me. The only way I can describe it as a complete inner calm, like I am supposed to be there. I hope these photos will demonstrate why...................

This is the beachis Loch Morar used in the film Rob Roy with Liam Neeson.  His cottage was here. It was also used  in Braveheart.

the beach at these rocks was used in the film Local Hero and Highlander.

and this is Mr TB after we had spent hours skimming stones

Mr TB and I even got a day out on our own!! Granny and Grandpa had the Littlies and we went off on the lovely boat below to the stunning 
Knoydart and Inverie.
Inverie boasts the most remote pub in Britain The Old Forge which has the most amazing food and beer. 

Well it would have been rude not to eat there wouldn't it?

Gorgeous mussels! Nom nom (that's the food not Mr TB on the other side of the table although if you are reading this sweetie you do have nice muscles too!) (think I got away with that don't you?)

My Happy place :)

My stone henge! It started as a family activity, all building our own until the children really thought I'd lost the plot and went off to make a rope swing while I carried on piling with my tongue poking out the corner of my mouth in concentration!
May I just add my moment of personal pride where I skimmed a stone for the first time EVER! I would also like to add that I got a fivesie by the end of the holiday. I was far too over excited by this but honest if you had been there at all the spllllaaaaaddddoooooiiinks I have made over the last 30 odd years I have been trying you too would want to scream it from the roof tops!
It was a holiday full of family time, simple pleasures like fishing, crabbing, surfing, geocaching, rock pooling and just general fabiness! Oh and smallest Littlie learning to go his two wheeled bike. Good lad.
We saw Sea Eagles, Sea Otters, Dolphins, Golden Eagles, Red Deer, 
Stags and Seals.

I did get a little bit of yarny time and managed to finish my
 Multi-coloured Swap Socks!
Oh I am in LOVE. Lets see what you think..........

Every time I pop these bad boys on I come over all Kermit The Frog! You know the song.......... Happy Feet. I've got those happy feet.....................


In my last post I promised a giveaway and a giveaway you shall have! 

I found this amazing book called: From Needles to Hook 
It gives instructions for converting knitting patterns to crochet patterns, as well as crochet patterns of it's own and I have a copy for one lucky person. I have also made one of my special tea-light holders from stained glass and copper wire to go along with it (glass is notoriously difficult to photograph so I am sorry about the photos! It's also blowing a hooley outside and the light is just pants.)

If you want to enter then please make sure when you leave a comment below you say you also want to be entered in to the giveaway also if you mention it on your blog let me know and you'll get a second bite at the cherry!

So good luck y'all!
Love Tickety-boo

Monday, 8 August 2011

102 Followers wowee!!!

Wowee!! I am so pleased to welcome all newbies, and thank all of you who read my blog. When I started in September I thought I'd be happy when I got to 10 followers (and indeed I was)  but to get over a hundred. I am thrilled.
I am at work and full of cold, feeling quite sorry for myself :(This has cheered me up no end.
I am going to spend the rest of the day coming up with a giveaway for you lovely people! I have already got some things planned but I want to add a few extras.
A huge thank you to you all
Keep your eyes peeled for details :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

John, Paul George or Ringo?

:: Good morning lovely people::
Wow it's Saturday already and I have somewhat neglected my blog. I have had my 19 year old nephew staying with us so there has not been much time for yarny things or indeed all things bloggy. In there place there have been days out and trips to Cheltenham. 

This is the clock in Cheltenham shopping centre which the Littlies(and I have to say me too) love. The fish blows bubbles out on the hour so we have to time our visit well.
And Bristol's shopping centre (we haven't only been shopping!)
This is a big shopping mall at Cribbs Causeway just outside Bristol.
I thought this was fantastic!! All those traditional deck chairs, bunting and kids paddling in the stream that runs down from the fountain. They even have giant games like Connect 4 and Chess. 

I have, however, finished the hat I have been working on. I have really enjoyed this pattern and just LOVE the yarn, it reminds me so much of those little metallic beetles you see on leaves (quite often on silver birch trees).

or maybe it's just me! So for a title for this FO. Because it reminds of said beetle I think it deserves a beetle Beatle name. So I am pleased to introduce you to my Ringo Ta-dah!!!

My only problem is it needs blocking, but only the back section not the brim. It is a bit more of a beanie than a beret at the moment. 
Can any of you lovely people give me any advice? I have never blocked a hat before. I have thought about using a balloon or even stuffing it with shopping bags but I could do with some guidance so I hope to pick your wooly wonder brains :)

There has been a ripple of excitement on the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry since Lucy from Attic 24 blog made  This post in which she showed the most gorgeous hook! Everyone has been talking about hook handles. I had a look at some beautiful ones on Etsy but I decided to have a go at making one myself. I popped to Hobbycraft (hence the above shopping trip) and bought cheap polymer clay. For those who don't know it is modelling clay that once shaped you bake in the oven and it hardens.

at 99p a block it wasn't going break the bank!
This is what I came up with
Now these could be an idea for my 100 follower giveaway!
It's my lovely friend C's gorgeous daughters birthday tomorrow (she is Middle Littlies best friend) and she has just learned to crochet so this one is going to be her birthday present along with the personalised project bag I am making her. C's other gorgeous little girl broke her arm on Thursday, poor love, and had to have an operation yesterday so I am making a little something for her too but I'll show you those in my next post.

So I best go round up the troops and find out what we are going to do today when we get my Nephew out his bed (hopefully before lunch!!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your doing.