Sunday, 31 October 2010

The TB Shreks

We had a lovely time at the party last night and we won the Fancy Dress Competition for best female and best male! Bottle of wine each..........Result! So here we go time to post the piccis........................
Shrek and Fiona TB style

The green was far nicer than on the photos but it was a giggle. I will be spending the next 4 days getting body paint out of places I didn't think I'd painted!!!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Well Carve My Pumpkins! It's Halloween (nearly)

Happy Weekend to you all! Have you had a good week? I am glad it's the weekend! Mr TB has been away all week and we haven't been able to spend any time together, but tonight, we are going out!!! Woo-hoo! We are going to a big fancy dress 50th Birthday Party. What are we going as? I don't know of I should tell you or just show you later. But in true TB family tradition the costumes are a good tongue in cheek effort. I will post photos (hopefully before we go out) as soon as I can. So it's pumkin carving today with the littlies. I love doing this with them. I will show you the ones we have done already ...............

Tichty small!

Medium                                   and two littlies to carry it Humungus!

More to do today.........................................................

I have been working my hook feverishly this week to get some crochet finished so I can get some Chritmas pressies made. Want to see? ok then........

I had a load of Vintage Granny Flower Sqaures in the bottom of yarn bag so I made this, but what to back it with? So I made a big granny square but the cushion is rectangular?! So I ran up a couple more plain square and this is what I came up with........

I'm pleased with it!

Then Biggest Littlie wanted a pair of wrist warmers so frantic hooky time later and four froggings I had these......

I used this is the pattern It may be just me but it wasn't the most straight forward pattern I have ever used. It was possibley the most ffffffff....... blooming frustrating one I have used.
I invented new swear words making them ............but I kept on plugging away at it and it now seems pretty straight forward stranglely. The written pattern is incomplete and I had never used a diagram pattern before. So quick learning curve!!!!!!!
and now middle littlie wants some too but rainbow ones! So off I go again and this is one of hers .......
                                               they are so bright and jolly ...............so her!
So yes I was side tracked yet again and seduced my yummy yarny goodness and new patterns.

So feeling like I had achieved something I popped to LYS Along Came Polly .......................
did I buy anything?  Who me? As if! (As if I could resist) Does a bear.....................?  Yes of course I did!!!!!

The scrummy sock yarn on the left will be socks (clue is in the name sock yarn) and the single ply coral one on the left will be a twirly scarf for Mum. Can't wait to start!
 But first I have to go shopping! My microwave stopped waving during the week and me and Mr TB will be married 15years on Thursday so I think he needs a wee Thank you for being my DH and Best Buddy pressie!
So until later............. Toodles! Have a great day. xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Purple?! Is that natural??

Happy Saturday to you all out there. Oh the joy of a Friday night when you switch off the alarm clock and wake when it's naturally your time to wake. Bliss. Anyway it's been a really quick week. I had a lovely day off this week and had lunch with the lovely C. We had a giggle and a knatter whilst we hooked away. I will put some pics up later of my finished article which I am loving. I popped into Sainsbury's my way home from work yesterday and found the funniest thing ................

Purple Potatoes!!!!!!!

I had to buy me some of these weird bad boys.
I couldn't wait to see the kids faces when I dished them up for tea.

I took them out the pack......................
They looked a bit beetrootish.
I boiled them up and for extra drama and devilment I thought I'd freak the kids out a bit more so I mashed them. Mmmmwooohahahaha (my evil genius laugh).

Are you ready...............
Are you sure?
Ok then............................................

I know the story goes that carrots were originally purple and that I can accept but purple potatoes just seem wrong. The littlies thought there were lovely! And yes it was all natural.

Anyway I will upload some hooky photos later. My friend N and her littlie are popping up for coffee later so me and N will do some crochet while the kids play and DH sorts out the garage. Rather him then me!
So for now Laters Taters. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Productive poorly time.

Hello out there. Thanks for coming by to read todays chunterings. Hope you are all tickety-boo. I have been really under the weather with a stinking cold for a week and no voice for four days. I had to give in and take a day off work today. I hate being off work ill. I hate leaving my workmates in the lurch, but anyway whilst laid under the eiderdown infront of the woodburner I made the most it of my time and got crocheting to keep Mr TB warm this winter. According to the weatherman we are in for a very cold winter! Brrrrrrrrrr.

A cosy beanie which was supposed to be from a pattern ................. until I frogged it four times for excess growth! It just wouldn't stop getting wider and wider. So I took the bull by the horns and put my brain in gear ( I am a Winnie the Pooh really "a bear of very little brain") So I thunk and thunk and thunk and I am pretty pleased with it as is Mr TB. 
And then to stop his neck from getting chilly I ran him up a cowl like the one I made my neice but in a manly sort of way ;o)

and I came up with this.............................

I think it's rather fetching! What do you think?

.............................. and on a totaly different topic I was late for work because of a true Cotswold traffic jam on Friday.

Why would you move the whole herd across my little lane at 8.45am???????????
Couldn't they wait 15mins or do you think this is some kind of "in" farmer style joke? I love the countryside. Where else would that be your excuse for being late for work?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Random Acts of Kindness.

Hello. How are you all doing? It's been a very quick but odd kind of week since my last post. Yesterday was Mr TB's Birthday. He has been away since Friday and it was lovely to have him home for the night even if it was only for a few hours and a couple of glasses of wine.
The littlies made him a cake!

Yes there is a cake under all that icing and decoration! They did get carried away but it was lovely to watch them have such fun. Which brings me to the title for this post. A lovely lady from Ravelry had read on my blog that the littlies have food allergies, and that middle littlie can't eat eggs so she sent me a fantastic egg free cake recipe which can be used in all sorts of ways. What a lovely thing to do, to take the time to write that down and send it over to me. I was really touched so we tried out the chocolate version for Mr TB's cake and it's delish! In fact so delish they have polished it off and I am about to make the ginger version tonight.

This is the recipe for the Chocolate Version;
200g self raising flour
50g cocoa
250g dark brown sugar
225ml low-fat milk
100g chocolate chips
190degrees in a greased tin for 45mins and it's done. How easy is that?????
So thank you Counted Threads you are a star.

I haven't done much crochet this week because I have been clickty clicking my double pointers to run up some premature baby hats for my lovely friend L's sister who has just had twins.

Oh these are so teeny tiny. I do hope they fit.

I love the spiral effect it gives the top almost like an ice cream from one of those softy machines.
Which brings me to the second act of random kindness. I phoned my LYS to ask for some advice on circular kneedles and Lucy asked me what I was making, when I told her it was prem baby hats she offered to run some teeny tiny prem things up too. After dealing with some odd people over the last week it really gives you faith that there are some really genuine people out there who are not just self absorbed and it has led me to another conclusion ............. a lot of nice ones are crafters!

So will dig out my hooks for some quality hooky time at crochet club tomorrow! It's such a great friendly group and some quality time to be me for a while. Followed by a well needed shearing of the birds nest that I like to call my hair. So I will feel refreshed and much more Tickety-Boo once that's done. I am sure you all agree that there is nothing like a haircut to make you feel better.

Monday, 4 October 2010

My First Sock!

It's a very proud moment in the Tickety-Boo household ...................... last night I produced a new arrival to my family............ My very first sock!
I didn't understand how to finish the toes so I kinda made it up as I went along but I am loving this and I am about to cast on it's partner ...................... so exciting! May it be the first pair of many.   :o)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sock Knitting Workshop

::I had such an amazingly lovely day taking part in a sock knitting workshop today. I was so worried about the whole 4 kneedle thing but it is so lovely to learn a new skill, especially from a great teacher like L. I think I may have a new obsession developing! It was made such a good day by the lovely ladies that took part. My lovely friend C goes without saying as does her sis A, but two new ladies S and H who were such pleasant company. I hope when I have a daughter my age I look as amazingly young and beautiful as H does!! What a stunning and friendly lady. I will post some photos of my feeble, yet fabulously fun attempt at sock knitting soon.::

Friday, 1 October 2010

Yay for Friday!!

It's Friday............... Yay!!!! It's very wet, very windy and quite frankly bloody miserable outside ......... boo!
I think I have a chest infection.............boo! But ........ on the bright side ........................ I am going to a workshop on sock knitting tomorrow with my lovely friend C ...... yay! I have got a lovely pot of Butternut Squash and Chilli soup on the hob ...... yum! Middle littlie was given a certificate for being pupil of the week ..........gushing pride!  and ...................

My beach hut fused glass panel came out the kiln and I like it!

My gorgeous, rainbow coloured, new crochet hooks arrived. Aren't they lovely? So much more jolly than the grey ones I have been using.

Twinkle twinkle ........I love my little star and intend to make lots more as pressies for Christmas and more for myself too! I love using up all my left over glass.

and last of all little Tinker is getting used to being handled and Middle littlie is doing a great job of taming her. Not quite time to ditch the safety gloves yet lol!

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing.
Thank you for stopping by. xxxxx