Saturday, 30 October 2010

Well Carve My Pumpkins! It's Halloween (nearly)

Happy Weekend to you all! Have you had a good week? I am glad it's the weekend! Mr TB has been away all week and we haven't been able to spend any time together, but tonight, we are going out!!! Woo-hoo! We are going to a big fancy dress 50th Birthday Party. What are we going as? I don't know of I should tell you or just show you later. But in true TB family tradition the costumes are a good tongue in cheek effort. I will post photos (hopefully before we go out) as soon as I can. So it's pumkin carving today with the littlies. I love doing this with them. I will show you the ones we have done already ...............

Tichty small!

Medium                                   and two littlies to carry it Humungus!

More to do today.........................................................

I have been working my hook feverishly this week to get some crochet finished so I can get some Chritmas pressies made. Want to see? ok then........

I had a load of Vintage Granny Flower Sqaures in the bottom of yarn bag so I made this, but what to back it with? So I made a big granny square but the cushion is rectangular?! So I ran up a couple more plain square and this is what I came up with........

I'm pleased with it!

Then Biggest Littlie wanted a pair of wrist warmers so frantic hooky time later and four froggings I had these......

I used this is the pattern It may be just me but it wasn't the most straight forward pattern I have ever used. It was possibley the most ffffffff....... blooming frustrating one I have used.
I invented new swear words making them ............but I kept on plugging away at it and it now seems pretty straight forward stranglely. The written pattern is incomplete and I had never used a diagram pattern before. So quick learning curve!!!!!!!
and now middle littlie wants some too but rainbow ones! So off I go again and this is one of hers .......
                                               they are so bright and jolly ...............so her!
So yes I was side tracked yet again and seduced my yummy yarny goodness and new patterns.

So feeling like I had achieved something I popped to LYS Along Came Polly .......................
did I buy anything?  Who me? As if! (As if I could resist) Does a bear.....................?  Yes of course I did!!!!!

The scrummy sock yarn on the left will be socks (clue is in the name sock yarn) and the single ply coral one on the left will be a twirly scarf for Mum. Can't wait to start!
 But first I have to go shopping! My microwave stopped waving during the week and me and Mr TB will be married 15years on Thursday so I think he needs a wee Thank you for being my DH and Best Buddy pressie!
So until later............. Toodles! Have a great day. xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Loverly wrist warmers, I love the pattern but a bugger if it causes you so much grief! Love the granny squares they are really sweet x

  2. The cushion cover and the handwarmers look great! I'm still looking for a good pattern for one set of those!

  3. All looks great. You have been busy!

  4. Hello! Just had a lovely catch up on your last few posts! happy anniversary, you made a lovely Fiona, and yes, shell stitch can be a total pain in the ass!!!!!!
    It took me many many tries to understand it when I tried it first time and much frogging too! Well done for persisting, they look great!
    have a lovely week XXXXX