Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chilling Out Sunday Hooky Day

After a frantic shopping trip Friday where I bought the lovely shoes I wanted (then wore something else instead!) then a beautiful day at a wedding. Today is going be a family chill out day. I intend to hooky my little heart out. I finished and posted the lovely cowl I made for my nieces birthday on Monday.
it is oh sooooo soft and cosy I want to make one for me now the weather has turned all Autumnal!
I love wrapping up cosy and going for Autumn walks with Mr TB and the littlies.
So I think that's what we'll do then a nice roast dinner and a glass of wine. Perfeck!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wow this yarn is amazing!

I recently took part in a Ravelry swap and got some amazing yarn. But this one blew me away! I had to share the pictures with you to show it's awesomeness. Drool drool.

rainbowtastic or what?!
I also made our family favourite Fruit Cake. Middle littlie loves it because she can have some cake that has no egg in (she has lots of food allergies) and Mr TB and the other two littlies polish it of in
 double quick time too!! So easy and good for you too.
Recipe for No Egg Fruit Loaf
1 mug of bran
1 mug of full fat milk
1 mug of dried fruit (which ever you like)
 1 mud of brown sugar (although I use just over half a mug or I find it too sweet)
1 mug of self raising flour

Mix bran, milk, fruit and sugar in a bowl and leave to soak over night.
Next day sift in flour and pour mix into a lined loaf tin and bake in a preheated oven 180 degrees for 50 mins
yum yum

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Problem Solved!

I have solved one of the dilemas with these gorgoeus shoes! They are so me. All vintagey and will go so nicely with my existing dress, and so cheap!!! They shall be mine .................. oh yes they shall be mine.
Now I can concentrate on getting the housework done, baking, and then some frantic hooky work on my nieces birthday present. Photos to follow later. Thank you for your lovely comments so far!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What to do????

Ok so the dilemas are ................................
  1. I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. I have two dresses to choose from but can't decide which one to wear OR to do my best puppy dog eyes to Mr T.B. and plead the I have nothing to wear to this wedding and I feel fat in everything (that one usually works because he can't deal with the look on my face all day when I say "I wish I'd worn the other one" ) and try to buy a last minute new outfit.
  2. If I wear one of exsisting dresses I REALLY would like new shoes to go with the one I choose. I know I will have to wear heels and my chunky little chubster feet will be aching by the end of it but I might look elegant for the photos at least even if they are slowly eating my toes and I also need a wrap/cadri to go with which ever I choose. Would that end up cheaper than a new outfit or stress me out majorly and it would have been quicker and cheaper to have bought the new outfit in the first place!!!!!!
  3. Where to shop??????? I am torn between a quick run round the nice shops in Cheltenham which means a sneaky little dash in to Cath Kidston (I don't need anything but it would be rude not too!) but the shops are spaced out and more pricey OR do I rush around The Mall at Cribbs Causeway towing hubby and sproglings with me and simply get what I actually need! (which means no trip to Cath Kidston or Lush for my favourite perfume.)
Which is the path of least resistance on a Friday afternoon after schools finished and a days work done????
Arrrrrggggggggg I knew I should have sorted this out last weekend.

Monday, 20 September 2010

I thought I would add some pictures of my crochet projects!

Until I figure out how to do this properly I thought I would add some pictures of my crochet projects then I will be able to post the progress links in future (she said hopefully! lol)
Fantasy Flower Bag

with the scrummy lining


Had an amazing weekend! Helping move a friends daughter to Uni which was sad as she was also my babysitter so I guess me and Mr T.B. won't be able to go out as often. Which is laughable really as with any parent of three littlies knows there really aren't that many nights out anyway! Oh well it'll be glasses of wine and a log burner for us. Dust off the scrabble it is then.
We had an amazing day Sunday watching Cbbc show Live n Deadly being filmed and are hoping to see out littlies on TV this weekend as they got a really good chat with the VERY dishy and totaly charming Steve Backshall (yum yum swoon swoon). Long day with aching legs and tierd feet but big smiles! Home for some crochet time to finish my nieces birthday pressie I have been crocheting. A cosy cowl/scarf and matching wrist warmers. Biggest littlie wants me to make her the same but then I want them too so I might have to fake repetitive strain injury or we are going to end up looking like my fav childhood tv programme The Flumps!!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010


Hello and welcome.
I have been thinking of starting a blog for sometime but was worried nobody would be interested or read my chunterings, but here you are! I hope to have something interesting or amusing to say and hope to get to know some new people because of it :o)