Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What to do????

Ok so the dilemas are ................................
  1. I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. I have two dresses to choose from but can't decide which one to wear OR to do my best puppy dog eyes to Mr T.B. and plead the I have nothing to wear to this wedding and I feel fat in everything (that one usually works because he can't deal with the look on my face all day when I say "I wish I'd worn the other one" ) and try to buy a last minute new outfit.
  2. If I wear one of exsisting dresses I REALLY would like new shoes to go with the one I choose. I know I will have to wear heels and my chunky little chubster feet will be aching by the end of it but I might look elegant for the photos at least even if they are slowly eating my toes and I also need a wrap/cadri to go with which ever I choose. Would that end up cheaper than a new outfit or stress me out majorly and it would have been quicker and cheaper to have bought the new outfit in the first place!!!!!!
  3. Where to shop??????? I am torn between a quick run round the nice shops in Cheltenham which means a sneaky little dash in to Cath Kidston (I don't need anything but it would be rude not too!) but the shops are spaced out and more pricey OR do I rush around The Mall at Cribbs Causeway towing hubby and sproglings with me and simply get what I actually need! (which means no trip to Cath Kidston or Lush for my favourite perfume.)
Which is the path of least resistance on a Friday afternoon after schools finished and a days work done????
Arrrrrggggggggg I knew I should have sorted this out last weekend.


  1. mmmm... I say new shoes and wrap... and trip to Cath kidston??

  2. Agree with the Cath Kidston trip - sure to lift your spirits!
    Re a new outfit, if you can afford it and as long as you buy something that you can wear again, well go for it. Are you a charity shop person? Sometimes you can find some lovely things and spend very little money.
    If not, a new wrap and shoes with an existing dress sounds like a good idea.

  3. That's quite a dilemma. I hope you get it sorted out in time for the wedding.

  4. There's a Cath Kidston in Cheltenham?? Why did no-one tell me -it's just down the road from Worcester. i don't go often because I can never find my way out of it.

    I buy all my clothes online these days cos I hate clothes shopping. Hope you find a solution.

  5. I think it would be easier to just start fresh with a new dress AND new shoes! But waiting until Friday?! Good Luck!

  6. Hellooo Tickety-Boo! What a shame Cath Kitson doesn't sell ladies dresses, shoes and cardigans! Your could then kill a few birds with one stone :0)xxx

  7. oh Louise it does!!!!!!!!!! I like you thinking.But that would be too much of a budget buster. lol