Monday, 25 June 2012

Bad Case of Startitis

:: Morning!::

Thank you all for your lovely comments and the warm welcome back to blogland I can't tell you how much that means to me.


What is that ball of yellow light in the sky?? I do believe it is called "The Sun" does this mean we may be at the start of summer? We have been battered by wind and rain for so long it's down right depressing. I cannot believe we have been lighting the wood burner and having the heating on in June!
I think this may be what has led to my serious dose of Satrtitis.
I know this is something we all suffer from at times, but I have been quite disciplined up until now. I now have 3 WIP's. I swore I would never do this! I have the  Hitch Hiker  which I featured in my last post. A pair of Artichoke-Socks which are a gift from my Mother to her friend?! Can't quite work that one out (as it's my yarn and work but her friend) but she is my Mummy and I love her so I'll shut up and make all the same and just be pleased she thinks my work is a worthy gift. Both of these projects are 3/4 done but I could resist the lure of the Daffodil no longer. I got some bargain yarn at my LYS sale. I know it's acrylic but I am not rich enough to be a picky ( I would love to do this in alpaca) at £1.60 per 100g ball I am a happy bunny.

  I know this isn't a good photo I took it last night and the light was bad (blasted British Summer)

It feels quite nice although it squeeks a little on my Knit-Pro acrylic (I think it would be ok on metal or bamboo) interchangeables but I am not letting that deter me. Bargain sweater here I come!!!!

I am loving the colour combo so far and I must just add this is my first time using more than one colour at a time and also my first ever Cable Cast On .  
Where would I be without YouTube??
I love learning new skills.

Righto must go do some work then home to wash Middle Littlies disgusting clothes! She has just returned from a residential adventure holiday with the school to celebrate the fact she is about to leave to go to secondary school. I think most of them are just fit for the bin, but she has had an amazing time.
I can't quite believe we have got to the point in life that she is moving up to secondary school but I think all us Mum's feel like this at major milestones in our babies lives.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Whistle stop update.

::Whistle Stop Update::
Hello everyone who is still out there! I have missed you all very much and I just thought it was about time I updated a little. Let me start by thanking you all very much for your kind words and comments they really do mean an enormous amount to me. 
I can't believe it has been so long, that was not my intention but I do believe it has been good for me to take the break and come back when things were more positive. My blogging may have taken a back seat but my needles and hooks have still been put to good use! 
So what have I made since January?

Two of these:

A pair of these:

One of these for DD1:

And one for me:

My first ever adult sized garment:

One of these for my friend C:

I have one of the above cast on for me now:

For pattern details or yarn info you can find the bits and bobs on my project page on Ravelry.

I am looking forward to catching up on all your knitting, crocheting and crafting adventures.