Monday, 20 September 2010

I thought I would add some pictures of my crochet projects!

Until I figure out how to do this properly I thought I would add some pictures of my crochet projects then I will be able to post the progress links in future (she said hopefully! lol)
Fantasy Flower Bag

with the scrummy lining


  1. Lovely bag. I've lined a "Lucy" bag with that scrummy material.

  2. Hello my lovely...fantastic to see you in Blogland, i'm sure you're gonna love your little patch. Your flower bag is beeeautiful!
    lots of love to you
    Luce ♥xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx♥

  3. Luce Thank you! You have no idea how chuffed that has made me. It really means a lot. ♥ x

  4. Just stopped by to say HI! You've done really well, love the background colour and way your blog is set out!

  5. Lovely pics and lovely bag. I'm too lazy to line mine. Yours looks great.

    I'm glad you liked the brownies, it's a great recipe isn't it?- really fudgey. My daughter has nut allergies -peanut and pinenut so I sympathise. She was allergic to egg until the end of last year, that was a real pain to deal with but now she has outgrown that one, thank goodness.

    Sue x

  6. Thanks Sue! I have two who have grown out of egg allergies and one who still has egg allergy as well as several other foods, so I know where you are coming from on that one! x

  7. Your bag is lovely!!! I still want to make mine!