Monday, 18 October 2010

Productive poorly time.

Hello out there. Thanks for coming by to read todays chunterings. Hope you are all tickety-boo. I have been really under the weather with a stinking cold for a week and no voice for four days. I had to give in and take a day off work today. I hate being off work ill. I hate leaving my workmates in the lurch, but anyway whilst laid under the eiderdown infront of the woodburner I made the most it of my time and got crocheting to keep Mr TB warm this winter. According to the weatherman we are in for a very cold winter! Brrrrrrrrrr.

A cosy beanie which was supposed to be from a pattern ................. until I frogged it four times for excess growth! It just wouldn't stop getting wider and wider. So I took the bull by the horns and put my brain in gear ( I am a Winnie the Pooh really "a bear of very little brain") So I thunk and thunk and thunk and I am pretty pleased with it as is Mr TB. 
And then to stop his neck from getting chilly I ran him up a cowl like the one I made my neice but in a manly sort of way ;o)

and I came up with this.............................

I think it's rather fetching! What do you think?

.............................. and on a totaly different topic I was late for work because of a true Cotswold traffic jam on Friday.

Why would you move the whole herd across my little lane at 8.45am???????????
Couldn't they wait 15mins or do you think this is some kind of "in" farmer style joke? I love the countryside. Where else would that be your excuse for being late for work?


  1. Sorry to hear your were sick, but happy you are better. Love the hat and scarf. The road block was so funny and so country! Have a great week. xo Robin

  2. Lovely warm things for Mr TB!
    Oh you are such a nice person to not want to leave your workmates in the lurch... I love being off work sick, which is probably why I rarely get sick!!! a day in front of the woodburner, under a quilt, hooking sounds great- apart from the sickness of course!
    Feel better soon!

  3. That is a fab excuse to be late, Love it.
    Your beanie looks very warm indeed and your cowl, now he is all ready for the winter xxx

  4. I've been late because of a duck crossing in the suburbs. Mr. TB looks like he'll be very warm this winter.

  5. I love that kind of traffic jam!! Hope you feel better. Penny

  6. TB do try and track down the sunflower butter for your children. It really is fab. It has been made especially with nut allergy sufferers in mind. I found another online source at this place
    A bit cheaper than Goodness Direct. I'm going to buy several jars at once, I can see it's going to become indispensable around here.

  7. I hope you are feeling better now..and that traffic jam..i wasn't expecting...I would love to deal with that kind of traffic.

  8. Feeling a bit better now thank you ladies it just doesn't want to shift completely though. Mr TB doesn't see a down side because I either can't talk or when I can I am all Mariella Fostropp and husky! I am on the mend though. Thank you for all your kind wishes. x

  9. What a lovely beanie and cowl you made for MR TB! Great!

    I love the cows on your little lane!
    Hope you feel better soon!