Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sock Knitting Workshop

::I had such an amazingly lovely day taking part in a sock knitting workshop today. I was so worried about the whole 4 kneedle thing but it is so lovely to learn a new skill, especially from a great teacher like L. I think I may have a new obsession developing! It was made such a good day by the lovely ladies that took part. My lovely friend C goes without saying as does her sis A, but two new ladies S and H who were such pleasant company. I hope when I have a daughter my age I look as amazingly young and beautiful as H does!! What a stunning and friendly lady. I will post some photos of my feeble, yet fabulously fun attempt at sock knitting soon.::


  1. Congratulations on your newly developing skill! I have always wanted to knit socks but get intimidated by the multiple needles. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Knew you'd do it G!!!
    Good for you;)))Glad you had such a nice day too;)
    I cant wait to see your new creation-there really is no limit when it comes to socks.
    I bet you'll be dreaming of skull and crossbone socks soon (can I put my order in now;)

  3. Oh thank you ladies I am so loving this new adventure in to sock knitting. But yes you're soooo right Issy I am just trying to eork out how I will make socks that rock!!!! lol ;o)

  4. Great socks, I need to at least try to make one!!! Good job! Robin