Saturday, 23 October 2010

Purple?! Is that natural??

Happy Saturday to you all out there. Oh the joy of a Friday night when you switch off the alarm clock and wake when it's naturally your time to wake. Bliss. Anyway it's been a really quick week. I had a lovely day off this week and had lunch with the lovely C. We had a giggle and a knatter whilst we hooked away. I will put some pics up later of my finished article which I am loving. I popped into Sainsbury's my way home from work yesterday and found the funniest thing ................

Purple Potatoes!!!!!!!

I had to buy me some of these weird bad boys.
I couldn't wait to see the kids faces when I dished them up for tea.

I took them out the pack......................
They looked a bit beetrootish.
I boiled them up and for extra drama and devilment I thought I'd freak the kids out a bit more so I mashed them. Mmmmwooohahahaha (my evil genius laugh).

Are you ready...............
Are you sure?
Ok then............................................

I know the story goes that carrots were originally purple and that I can accept but purple potatoes just seem wrong. The littlies thought there were lovely! And yes it was all natural.

Anyway I will upload some hooky photos later. My friend N and her littlie are popping up for coffee later so me and N will do some crochet while the kids play and DH sorts out the garage. Rather him then me!
So for now Laters Taters. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You are brave you know for a minute i didn't expect the inner spud to be purple also! Great for halloween hehe For the shock factor alone i think it's brilliant x

  2. Love those purple spuds! Must get some myself!

  3. Goodness!!!!
    I have never even heard of potatoes being purple! Did they taste different? I've eaten red skinned ones and they're a bit more bitter than the usual....
    it looks so funny having purple on your dinner plate! Glad to hear they were yum!

  4. The kids said they were delish but I have a major phobia of mashed potato so I don't know myself. If you could see me making normal mash you would think I was protecting myself from nuclear fall out, but purple was less traumatic and the verdict was they taste the same as normal ones. xxxx

  5. I got a huge kick out of your lavender mashed potatoes! And your cow-induced traffic jam. I am still smiling and had to show my husband your taters and cows. Thanks for the smiles!

  6. I have looked for these every time I have been in the store and can't find any! I want weird mash too. I've heard that there are red sprouts too. I'm visualising a multicoloured rainbow dinner. Red sprouts, carrots, sweetcorn, peas, purple mash and aubergines! I can't think of anything blue though.

  7. My Mom used to cook what she called blue potatoes and would always serve them with fresh haddock or cod.

  8. Wow purple spuds! I think my kids would love purple french fries, purple mashed potatoes, purple baked potatoes. How wonderfully purple.

  9. Wow! purples potatoes? that's crazy lol

    enjoy your weekend