Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holibobs Multi-coloured Swap Socks Ta- Dah and Giveaway News!!!

:: Helllllooooooooo!::
How are you all? Well it's been a while hasn't it?
Welcome to the new followers and welcome back to regulars here.

So yes I am back from my holibobs! Oh that was a well needed holiday.
 Boy oh boy it was a good one.
We went to visit my lovely family on the East Coast of Scotland for a few days first.  There has been a massive amount happened in the last 3years which has prevented me from getting up there so it was great to have some quality time and a few good laughs with my Mum and Dad and my big sis and her lovely family but also to see old friends.
 We also had a Middle Littlies 10th Birthday there with a visit to
 Camperdown Wildlife Centre followed by LOTS of cake!!!!!!

Then it was off to the Highlands for the holiday proper. I have been going to the same place on the West Coast for the last 33years and I have never felt the same feeling anywhere else in the world than this place gives me gives me. The only way I can describe it as a complete inner calm, like I am supposed to be there. I hope these photos will demonstrate why...................

This is the beachis Loch Morar used in the film Rob Roy with Liam Neeson.  His cottage was here. It was also used  in Braveheart.

the beach at these rocks was used in the film Local Hero and Highlander.

and this is Mr TB after we had spent hours skimming stones

Mr TB and I even got a day out on our own!! Granny and Grandpa had the Littlies and we went off on the lovely boat below to the stunning 
Knoydart and Inverie.
Inverie boasts the most remote pub in Britain The Old Forge which has the most amazing food and beer. 

Well it would have been rude not to eat there wouldn't it?

Gorgeous mussels! Nom nom (that's the food not Mr TB on the other side of the table although if you are reading this sweetie you do have nice muscles too!) (think I got away with that don't you?)

My Happy place :)

My stone henge! It started as a family activity, all building our own until the children really thought I'd lost the plot and went off to make a rope swing while I carried on piling with my tongue poking out the corner of my mouth in concentration!
May I just add my moment of personal pride where I skimmed a stone for the first time EVER! I would also like to add that I got a fivesie by the end of the holiday. I was far too over excited by this but honest if you had been there at all the spllllaaaaaddddoooooiiinks I have made over the last 30 odd years I have been trying you too would want to scream it from the roof tops!
It was a holiday full of family time, simple pleasures like fishing, crabbing, surfing, geocaching, rock pooling and just general fabiness! Oh and smallest Littlie learning to go his two wheeled bike. Good lad.
We saw Sea Eagles, Sea Otters, Dolphins, Golden Eagles, Red Deer, 
Stags and Seals.

I did get a little bit of yarny time and managed to finish my
 Multi-coloured Swap Socks!
Oh I am in LOVE. Lets see what you think..........

Every time I pop these bad boys on I come over all Kermit The Frog! You know the song.......... Happy Feet. I've got those happy feet.....................


In my last post I promised a giveaway and a giveaway you shall have! 

I found this amazing book called: From Needles to Hook 
It gives instructions for converting knitting patterns to crochet patterns, as well as crochet patterns of it's own and I have a copy for one lucky person. I have also made one of my special tea-light holders from stained glass and copper wire to go along with it (glass is notoriously difficult to photograph so I am sorry about the photos! It's also blowing a hooley outside and the light is just pants.)

If you want to enter then please make sure when you leave a comment below you say you also want to be entered in to the giveaway also if you mention it on your blog let me know and you'll get a second bite at the cherry!

So good luck y'all!
Love Tickety-boo


  1. Hi there!
    I was thinking it was a bit quiet from your part of the world.
    Looks like you had a fabby time, it really is lovely up there in Sweatysockland hehe.
    The socks are great and lovely colours.

    I'd love to be in the giveaway. :-)

  2. I love your socks! If only I was as clever as you!!
    Count me in for your wonderful giveaway please!

  3. I would love to enter your giveaway. The images of Scotland are beautiful. My family are all from the East coast - Fife region. I haven't been in a while but am longing to go. It's that same feeling I think - going back to your roots. xx

  4. Welcome back! Lovely holiday photos...they made me relaxed just looking at them ....glad you had a grand relaxing time. Smashing socks :) Please do enter me in the giveaway :)x

  5. Please enter me for the giveaway!!I will put it in my blog's sidebar!!The socks look great!!

  6. It's so good to hear from you again :) Glad to hear all is well and more! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time and judging by those pictures, I can see why! Those landscapes are so majestic they just about take my breath away. I'm sure if I were ever lucky enough to see them in person I'm sure they really would! And congrats on your little socks! It's always nice to finish something fun.

    I'd love to be added into the drawing for your giveaway as well please! Thanks!

  7. I've just seen your socks on Ravelry - they are yummy!

    I'd love to be entered into your giveaway too :)

    Carole xXx

  8. Your socks are fab and no wonder you're going to have happy feet wearing those beauties - they'd cheer up a grey day.

    Please count me into the giveaway too!

  9. Beautiful photographs, I love your Stonehenge. Nice Muscles too! My feet would be very happy in those sockies. Congratulations on the fivesie, you rock!!! Great give Away, very exciting :) xxx

  10. I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday. We went the Scottish West Coast in the Spring but the weather was awful, we couldn't even go geocaching. It was very sad indeed but I could see it would be so beautiful at another time and I know we'll go back.
    Love the socks, my sister made me a lovely pair for my birthday and bought me some sock wool from Along Came Polly when she came recently so she obviously thinks I should give it a try.... I'm not a great knitter though.
    I'd love to enter your giveaway and I'll definitely mention it in my blog asap, probably tomorrow as I've already done todays post.

  11. That looks like a fantastic holiday and congratulations on your skimming!!!
    Awesome work getting a fivesie

  12. Fabulous memories of the west coast!
    I remember taking my Scots mum camping with my oh(then bf) in the early '80's at Fort William - earnestly trying to save the environment my OH refused to buy her midge spray but gave her a citronella candle instead! Needless to say when she appeared from her tent with a red, swollen face telling him if he wanted any future progeny he better stuff immediate thoughts of the enviroment...he went and bought her the midge spray lol.

    Please count me into the giveaway too!

  13. oooooh I sooooooooooooooooooo want to win your giveaway! I LOVE your candle holder, it is gorgeous!
    Loving the socks, they are fab, I want that colourway! Also, your holiday pics are stunning, thank you for sharing XXXXX

  14. What wonderful photos.Sounds like youve had a marvellous break, the scenery is so stunning and peaceful.
    I would love to enter your giveaway - what a great book, would be so useful to non-knitting crocheters like myself, so I would love the chance to enter please!
    Welcome back!
    Gill xx

  15. I had wondered where you were but I can see you were away having fun. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love the colour of your socks

    Please may I enter your giveaway? The glass thingy would look everso good in my house ;-) You are so talented.

  16. Lovely holiday pics! Ooh please can I enter in your give-away too?? I just love your candlelight-holders and that book really is interesting, I didn't even know it could be done! And I am the world's worst knitter! :-) Greets from Belgium xxxx

  17. Oooh looks like you had a lovely holiday!
    I would LOVE to be entered into the giveaway please, I have a knitting pattern that I have been searching far and wide to work out how to convert it to crochet, I never knew this book existed!! I am learning to knit but its taking me a long time...
    I also love your tea-light holder! Very pretty :)

    I will be putting a link on the side of my blog too <3

    Samantha xx

  18. Would love to be entered into the giveaway please! My partner would love to have this book!

    Your holiday looked so nice!!

  19. Aaah, Camusdarrach, Arisaig, Morar, all beautiful. So nice to see your photos. I didn't know that the beach at Loch Morar was used in films. We went there too though there was a tent pitched on the beach which rather spoiled the photos.
    May I enter you giveaway. I didn't know you made such lovely tealight holders, I'd love a chance to win one of them. Thanks!

  20. PS Meant to say that last sunset pic with Mr TB is just fantastic.

  21. The socks are gorgeous, the Scotland beaches amazing. I wish I had got to the west coast when I was there over 20 years ago (as a poor student!).
    If the giveaway is still open, I'd like to enter please. If I am lucky enough to win will pay the postage - to Aus it could be a bit pricey. :)