Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Startitis and Mollie Makes

:: Good Morning All::
How are you all doing today? You have been making such lovely posts of late and I have enjoyed reading them so much. So much that I have such a bad case of Startits. I used be a such a good girl! Only ever started one project at a time but I have been lured in by yarny goodness and lots of ideas!!!!!! I blame you all!! You all make such lovely things!!
So what's on the needles at the moment?

A very pretty soft green, cotton version of the Baby Bunting Cardi which I will show use when it's done. I am still plodding on with the The Perfect Cardi but I intend to take this away as my holibobs project. I am ashamed to say I could not resist my sock yarn from swap parcel any longer. It was calling to me! Winking at me from the corner of my eye all the time. You know the type? That "Go on! You know you want to." look. "Cast me on. Come on. You can't resist me forever!" Temptation was too much and I gave in on Saturday. Oh they are LUSH. I think there name has to be My Multi Coloured Swap Socks. If you are a born in the UK and a child of the 1970's like myself you will get that title right away but for the rest of you Multi Coloured Swap Shop was a children's TV programme for happy, tasteless years of fashion disastrous  20years.
And here they are. Isn't that yarn glorious?

I went to my LYS to say Happy Birthday to Lucy which was too tempting again and I added to my stash again.

Isn't this glorious too? I think it may become a shawl but I have seen so many lovely Ravelry project it would be great for I just can't make my mind up. Any ideas??

This sweet yarn is going to be another baby item. I have a couple in mind but haven't settled on which.
I told you I have startitis!!!!! I want to make more things.
 I would need to be an octopus to get through the ideas I have at the moment.

I stumbled across a lovely new blog recently. I can't even remember how.  It's the lovely Vic Loves To Knit. Vic had a giveaway on and it was the new magazine that I have heard about so much (but couldn't get hold of a copy of)
To my utter astonishment I won! I sent Vic my details and a lovely little parcel of happiness arrived all beautifully wrapped.
That flower is going to be sewn onto a brooch back today so I can wear it on my jackets and cardigans.

What a treat! It's lovely and full of good ideas and a big help with sourcing some of materials used in crafts. So a big big thank you to Victoria I am so pleased.

I am off now to go to the pub for lunch with Mr TB (our version of the O'Bama's date night) Then off to get a haircut.
Have a great week everyone.
Love Tickety-boo


  1. I do enjoy reading your blog...just to say, if you pop along to my blog...www.cariadincrete.blogspot.com you will see my shawl crocheted in Riot!!!I've just finished it.
    Everyone admires it.
    Take care

  2. The socks are brilliant and aptly named! I wouldn't have missed that show for anything when I was growing up! I want to relive it now wearing a pair of stripey multi-coloured socks!! Cx

  3. I couldn't have resisted the sock yarn either ~ beautiful!

  4. That Regia yarn is lush, I love the mix of colours.

    I know what you mean about startitis; I've seen a lovely pair of mittens with a rose fair isle design on them (they're in my project list), but can I get gauge? No and I'm getting very frustrated!

  5. Love the socks, so glad the yarn is good. I was a total Swap Shop addict, do you remember Posh Paws?

  6. startitis can be fun sometimes he he!!!
    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your new socks, I bought some regia last night and I was tossing up between one similar to that and one that is coloured like tropical birds... I'll probably get the one I didn't choose next time he he he
    Right now I'm making a shawl, two pairs of socks and I'm spinning some merino/silk, so much and it's great for keeping my low attention span occupied!
    Have a lovely day and can't wait to see those socks on your feet!

  7. I love your multi-coloured Swap Shop Socks, they are groovy. I bought some Riot to go in a Swap Parcel it was very hard to part with I think it is lovely yarn and whatever you make with it will be great. :)

  8. Scotland for us is Rosneath in Argyll. It's close to Helensburgh. We LOVE it and go back to the same place every year. The "Arrochar Alps" in the background and the Gareloch in the foreground are the most relaxing views in the whole world!! You wouldn't half know I am addicted to the place!! What part of Scotland do you hail from? Cx

  9. Love the look of those socks! "Mollie Makes" seems to be the magazine of the moment: lucky you to have won it!

  10. Glad I'm not the only sufferer of startitis...and what about newcraftitis?