Monday, 14 March 2011

Ta-Dah II

:: Happy Monday::
How was your weekend? I am sorry my post is a day or two late but I sooooo wanted it to be a Ta-Dah that I had to work furiously to get my WIP finished and by the time I did it was very late and I was glued to the final episode of my all time favourite programme Being Human. It was well worth the watch. Even the little town I live in (well the nearest town to where I live and the littlies go to school)
got a mention as a possible location for vampire central of the world, which made us laugh uncontrolably!!! Was weird as nobody has ever heard of it and it's more of a large village than town.
Anyhooo I digress!
Are you ready?

stage 1 the yarn. Hot Socks Circus by Grundl

Stage 2 Ball rewound....cast on.....toe increases done

Stage 3 The dreaded heel turn done!

:: Then 9pm last night they were done::
::Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance::


Oh they are lovely and cosy I just am so happy! They were much much easier than the first pair and far fewer mistakes too.

More yarny things have happened in the last week..........
I found the cardigan of my dreams on Ravelry

Isn't it lovely??? It is a Tickety-boo cardi if ever I saw one!
It's called Twenty Ten. I just have to make it.
So off I tootled to my LYS on Wednesday for crochet club clutching the pattern in my sticky little mitts, so I could scan the shelves of this fine yarn emporium for the perfect yarn for my perfect cardigan. On the way it occured to me that back in December I found a BEAUTIFUL yarn which made my heart go all a flutter. Do you remember this post? With this yarn?

I was thinking that it may just happen to be the yarn for the job!
When I got there I worked out the yardage needed with the lovely Lucy and I would have needed 11 x 50g balls of this baby. The unfortunate thing is, it is £3.50 per ball...........£38.50 to knit myself a cardi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch.
No way could I afford that. Especially when I have never knitted such a big project a may well cock it up. I came home feeling all sorry for myself and to be quite honest I was sulking like a petulant child.
 I was online later that night not looking for anything in particular when I happened to stumble upon this
Kemps wool shop and what do they stock (amongst many other bargains)? Sirdar Tweedie in Mallard for the absolute bargain price of £1.39 per 50g ball.
So 9pm on Wednesday I pressed the order button and paid for all 11 balls. What a total bargain £18.29 including delivery and the most helpful staff you could wish for.
Friday morning look what Mr Postman brought to my door......
What awesome service!
Oh it's like Christmas...........

oh I loooooooveeee it :o) As if you hadn't gotten that idea already.
I can't wait to cast on. But first I must make two pressies for friends which should be done in the next week, then Twenty Ten cardi....... you are all mine baby!!!!!

Have a great week everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments so please feel free to make yourself known.
Love Tickety-boo


  1. I am lost in admiration at your sockmaking skill. I could not even manage a garter stitch scarf.

  2. Those socks are great! I hate the way socks turn out when I knit them - how do you get them looking so good!?

    The cardi is really nice too - and the cost of the yarn is even nicer ;) Thank you for sharing the link, think I'll have to go and do a little window shopping...

    Much love,

  3. Oh blimey, you've gone and done it now - I'm soooooooooo tempted by the Tweedie Chunky. Lovely yarn.

  4. Hi TB, Love your socks so much. The colors are great. I love the way they stripe themselves. Who ever invented that was a genius. I really adore the 20-10 cardi. It looks like such a fun sweater to wear. The yarn you picked out is so perfect......so happy you held out and got the sirdar for a terrific price. Good shopping around!! Thanks for popping in to my nest and leaving your sweet comments. xoRobin❤

  5. What happy looking feet! I was put off sock making at school, we had to make bottle green woollen ones and they itched!
    Looking forward to seeing your lovely cardigan, fantastic bargain wool and excellent service.
    Carol xx

  6. Great socks. I keep meaning to start knitting some. They are always so much cosier than bought socks. You have inspired me. x

  7. Hellooooo! What pattern did you use for your top up Socks? I have lots of books. Yours look so good!

  8. i absolutely love Being Human too and it was so fun for me to spot places i know when they still filmed it in Bristol!

  9. Socks! I have a friend with a little sock obsession. She keeps asking me to crochet her socks. But I have yet to find a sock pattern I like for crochet. :( I suppose I could create my own. I love yours! Still contemplating learning to knit. Excited to see your finished cardi! Happy knitting. :)