Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rosey Posey Cozy

:: Good morning blogland!::
It's quite in the TB house this morning. Mr TB is still asleep
(too much beer watching England v Ireland match yesterday)
the Littlies are trying to plow through the open plan wardrobe they have created in their rooms. Gggggggrrrrrrr! I'm sure there is a carpet in there somewhere. I am here talking to you lovely people out there and listening to the birds outside.

This week I have been trying to charge through the jobs I need to do to clear the decks before I can cast on the Perfect Cardi !!! 

First job on the list :: Birthday pressie from my fabulous friend C. She is such a star. We have been friends for 6years but over the last 18months she has been the most awesome friend a girl can have. She is always a total rock and gives good honest advice when needed and a shoulder to cry on when life is overwhelming (which it has been for the last 18months). I have to say i don't think I could have made it through intact without her.
 A friend that special deserves a special pressie, after all it was C who was the one woman cheer up team and took me on the Magical Mystery Tour.

I decided to buy a teapot and make a Tea Cozy. I didn't need to trawl through Ravelry for this one! There was only one cozy for the job.........
That has to be a creation from the amazing Alice over at Crochet with Raymond
Alice's pattern is called Spring Explosion Tea Cozy. It was a fab pattern to follow and knitting on 5mm needles with DK yarn it was knitted up in one evening (after  sock yarn and 2mm needles it was a refreshing change)!

I looked through 100 Flowers to knit and Crochet, which my lovely friend from crochet group allowed me to borrow and picked the patterns I wanted to use for the flowers and leaves. I couldn't find the right shape of leaf in this book so I used one from Rav I decided on the ones from a pattern called Maidens Glory.
3 nights of hooking and knitting flowers later and it was ready to be assembled.
 I was so excited I forgot to take photos before I went hell for leather with the sewing, sorry! Anyhoo this is the result ..............

Warning gratuitous amount of photos below

Rosey Posey Cozy......Give us a twirl..........

I Love this little beauty and it'll be hard to give her away.....but she is going to a good home and I can visit her often.

It was such a lovely day taking photos of her outside Mr TB brought me out a beer

and we sat on our wall outside the cottage chatting for ages in the sunshine. I say just sat but I had twitchy fingers that needed satisfying!
Sooooooo ............

yip The Perfect Cardi has begun!!!!

I do still have another pressie to make but I just wanted to see how it would look on the needles ;o)...............
 14 rows later before I went to bed it's already making me VERY happy :o)

Wishing you all a sunshine filled week!
Love Tickety-boo


  1. I love the teacosy! I've been wanting to make one but wasn't sure what colour would go with my bright orange teapot. I think the turquoise you have used would look pretty good. I'm sure your friend will love it.

    Also look forward to seeing progress on the cardigan


  2. Fantastic Teacosy I would be proud to wear it as a posh hat!

  3. Such a brill tea cozy - you've put it together really well. I'm sure your friend will be very happy indeed!

    Ahh, I love casting on a new project. It's great to have something new on the needles!

    Much love,

  4. Hi TB, Love the teacozy!!! The colors and choices of flowers are so wonderful. I have wanted to make one too, your's is magnificent!!! Lucky friend to receive this. I love your charm sewn on, what a lovely touch. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xoRobin❤

  5. Looking forward to seeing that cardi. x

  6. the tea cozy is totally GORGEOUS!!!!! Love the colour! What pattern is the big huge pink flower? I think I need to make one for my next tea cozy which is going in an exhibition my mum is having!
    And i love that cardy too, can't wait to see it happening!

  7. Hi! Just found your blog through the lovely comment you left me on mine! Another Gill and Gillyflower - its such a lovely word I think,and being a Gilly to some people in my life it seemed a natural choice, especially as I love pinks and carnations!
    Love the colourful crochet flowers on your header, and your tea cosy is marvellous!
    Wish I could knit.
    The cardi's going to be gorgeous!
    So glad I found your blog, have a great day!

  8. Your Tea Cosy is just gorgeous. Just found your blog via Crochet with Raymond.

  9. Yeah!! Great minds..and all that! I've just completed the tea cozy and am waiting for the book! Did you find the flowers easy??
    I really must add you to my blog list, I come around often to admire what you're up to...looking forward to watching the cardi grow..
    Take care

  10. Ohh... I love it! It is absolutely gorgeous. More knitting envy on my end. What a perfect combination beer, sunshine and knitting. :)