Sunday, 6 February 2011

:: Magical Mystery Tour ::

Happy Sunday to you all.
 I know I am a day late in posting but that is with good reason. I wanted to wait until I knew what was happening to me last night before posting.
Let me bring you up to speed!
My super lovely friend C has taken upon herself to be a one woman cheer up Gilly mission. Before my Birthday she asked me to keep 5th February free and make sure Mr TB was around to have the littlies. The only thing she would tell me was that she would pick me up at 4pm and return me home around midnight! I have been so excited for weeks. So yesterday was THE Day......
I had a wardrobe crisis worrying about what to wear on a night where you have no idea where you are going but by 4pm
I was " smart but casual" and raring to go!!!
C turned up looking lovely as always in her "smart but casual " look and off we went on our Magical Mystery Tour. Sqqquuuueeeeee!
Happy Dance Happy Dance.
First stop was at C's lovely sisters house where J and K had made a lovely meal. A lovely meal later and (a few glasses of wine too) a lot of teasing like
 "hope you like strippers! Your cool with that aren't you!" 
we were back in C's car and off into Bristol...................................

Calender Girls at The Bristol Hippadrome!!

What a fabulous night. For anybody out there who hasn't heard of Calender Girls it is the true story of friends who are all part of the W.I. (womans institute) in a Yorkshire village and decide to raise money for a new sofa for the family room in the hospital after one if their husbands dies of cancer. They raise money (and a few eyebrows) by doing a nude calender. They wanted to raise £580.00 when they did the Calender but have now raised over £3,000,000!  There is a film version which is brilliant watch if you haven't seen it (it has Helen Mirren and Julie Walters in it). This version as any UK ladies can see from the picture above was full of brilliant actresses from TV and films in the UK.
It was absolutely bloody marvelous!!!!!
Definately worth the suspense. We had some more wine back at K and J's then home and tucked up in bed at 1.00am. I had sooooooooo much fun.

Ok so wooly time. I know I said I would do a socky Ta-Dah this week but no surprise there really they're not ready yet! :o( I had my attentions turned by another saucy little minx! I will give you a little peek

this is a present for my friend N's Birthday on 8th Feb.
It's an Elise Shawl. Such a lovely pattern.My first shawl. I am only showing you a peek incase N happens to pop by my blog. I am blocking it at the moment (first time I have ever blocked anything). It wasn't all plain sailin'! I had a tiny bit left to go when the crochet/knitting curse hit..............

I ran out of yarn!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! Mr TB saved the day within 24hours by popping into the shop I got the yarn in and bought me some more. What a shame I had to get a whole 100g ball to finish 10cm but I'm sure I will find a use for it one of these days.
 I will definately be buying more yarn this week to make one of these for myself and I will show N's to you in all it's glory when I have given it to her.
I realised that I had never posted a photo of N's Christmas pressie........

It's a fantastic pattern from the incredibly talented 
This is the Ravelry link Granny Tea cosy on Ravelry
I love it's jolly rainbowtastic cheeriness. I was over the moon when Alice complimented it on Ravelry.
So I guess I best go wash the school uniforms and ballet school uniforms for another week to begin. Weekends pass so quickly!
Have a good week everyone I hope it's a fab one. xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a fun night! I remember seeing that film with the Calendar Girls! Fun.
    Your shawl looks gorgeous, nice mix of colours.
    My tea pot needs a new cozy, my needlepoint one looks a little drab, so I look forward to hooking one in those cool colours!

  2. What great friends you have and what a great friend you are :)

  3. Your tea pot is so goegeous! I don't know how you managed to give it away! And I'm liking the look of the shawl too! Can't wait to see it finished, I'm trying to find some patterns i like for shawls and lacy scarves, so will go and have a look at this!
    Sounds like a very fun night you had!

  4. Hi Gilly, what a fun time you had, I've always wanted to see that movie! Can't wait to see your shawl, I want to make one too.. so many wanties! :-)

    Good job on the cozy!

    Teresa from Oregon USA

  5. It's great to have a friend like yours!! all cheery and that takes the time and worries to make a special time for you! It sounds like you had a lot of good time...
    The shawl looks great too! I want to see it complete, I'm thinking on making one...
    Have fun!

  6. Your cozy is perfect! I think I need a tea pot just so I can have a cozy. :)

  7. Thanks for leaving positive comment on my blog :) I do think you should return to elaborate on your Ozzy comment...How do you and Mr Tickety-boo manage to rub shoulders with Global Rockstars? Very jealous...not sure who I would have been more excited about Ozzy or Kermit. Actually no contest Ozzy is my Hero :)