Saturday, 29 January 2011

Birthday Blog!

:: Good Morning!::
(early warning......this post contains LOTS of exclamation marks!)
(I am ever so slightly excited.)

It has been a special week for us in the Tickety-boo house. It was my babies Birthday on Tuesday and he was 8 years old?! Can't believe it! He is still a little bod really and is no hurry to grow up, which suits me just grand. I was able to buy my first shop bought Birthday cake for him and take some stress off myself from the many weird and wonderful shapes I have been asked for in the past. It was also my Birthday yesterday and I was........... well I'll settle for thirty something! I was chuffed to bits with the lovely messages from you lovely people on Ravelry and lots of lovely cards from my friends and family( oh and a cake at crochet club). I must say I have been a very lucky girl. I have had the most beautiful gifts. The time and thought that went into them means the world to me I am honestly touched and emotional to think that I am cared about that much. That may sound like a self indulgent thing to say but I mean it sincerely. I am truely blessed.
So shall I share some pics of my lucky girl gifts?

And of course the treat Mr TB brought back from London

I am no longer a Krispy Kreme virgin. The lemon meringue aaaaawwwwwwww yum-yum (I had already eaten the pink heart one Mr TB had bought especially for me when I got my camera)

Told you I have been a lucky girl!! I got other things too but you get the idea. I got some money too from parents so I fed my Amazon habit with that and ordered some books with it

Soooo excited I just can't wait for them to arrive!!!
Which leads me to the slow but sure sock progress. Now known in our house as
 "The Sockgate Incident" on account of my language turning in to that of a Squaddie when I had to do the heel flap (those effing socks)! Oh man it was tricky. How can you end up with cicular needles the wrong way round???? You don't know?????No nor do I! I had to take all the stitches off onto another needle the put them back on the right way round.
 I know I've done it wrong too BUT my self created method has given quite a cool effect with the stripes.

My socks now have heels Yay! I could only laugh when I asked Lucy my LYS owner for advice on why I couldn't find a good online tutorial for a heel flap-toe up-cicular needle socks and she told me "because most people find it easier to do a short row heel on toe up socks."
I now know why. But the heels are done and I am so hoping by next weeks post I can do a
Ta-Dah moment and be wearing the finished article ( a bit ambitious but what the hell). If you were wondering I have now decided these babies are MINE! I am not going through all this to give them to anyone, not even my niece. I will leave them to her in my will but these are MINE!

Have a looky at these lovely storage jars I treated myself to in M&S

Aren't they gorgeous? There is a whole new range which is lovely but Mr TB just laughed at me when I showed him a beautiful duvet cover and he saw the price. £69.00?! For a duvet cover?!
I wouldn't pay that but I may go back in and lie in the mock up bed and take photos and pretend it's mine! ;o) So if you read in the papers that somone was removed by security in M&S it probably will be me!

So off out now to take the littlies bowling for smallest littlies birthday treat.
Have a great week all of you.
Bye Bye xxxxxxxx


  1. Happy birthday Tickety! Looks like you got a wonderful stash of presents. And you're such a youngster too!

  2. Happy birthday!!!! Hope your having a great day :) xxxxx

  3. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you!! I'm pleased that you're being spoiled and having a good time!

    Teresa in Oregon USA

  4. Very Happy Birthday!!! your presents and treats look sooo good!!!! I hope you keep enjoying them for a long time!

  5. Happy birthday lovely! It seems you've had an awesome day, and yay for feeding the amazon habit! Have a lovely rest of the week!

  6. Happy Birthday Tickety!!!! Soooo happy you had a Wonderful Day and then some. I love amazon too, so special when it comes in the mail!!!! Enjoy your week and your year. xo Robin❤❤

  7. Found you through Clara....Cute blog...
    Congrats on your "time" with Krispy Kremes.
    PS love the Owl beanies

  8. Thank you for all the birthday messages!It seems a while ago already lol.
    Been busy making so will have some nice colourful things to come for this weeks post.
    A big welcome to Queen of Whatever.
    Tickety-boo xxxxxx

  9. It's been a couple of days but I still wish you a happy celebration!