Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lazy Bones!

Hello my friends out there in blogland! How has the first week of January been treating you? I hope you feel all renewed, refreshed and positive about the year ahead.
Well it's Saturday and I intend to be a lazy bones today!

I know the jam says Wednesday and it's Saturday but hey is there a wrong day to eat Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Jam?
I am sat here in my p.j.'s drinking tea while biggest littlie is out riding and the two other littlies are watching t.v. in the other room. I will have to get dressed at some point because I have to pick up smallest littlies birthday pressies today which are waiting for me in Stroud. Conveniently not far from my LYS!!!! What a coincidence! (NOT)

I have been a very busy Mrs TB this week. Mr TB has been away all week and the littlies are back to school. They soooooo needed the routine back (so did I)! Although I did try to send Biggest littlie back a bit prematurely. Ooops! The smaller littlies went back Tuesday so I just assumed (incorrectly) that the secondary school would be the same. Thank goodness we checked her homework diary on Monday because she went to school on Wednesday.

I have had my hook working overtime this week to finish off Christmas pressies that I should have done before Christmas but life was a bit overwhelming and thank goodness I have such amazingly understanding friends. So what have I been making????? Take a look.........

The lovely Sara over at Tangled Happy Blog posted a link (link posted below)

I am soooo in love with this I will have to make some for myself!

The pattern and tutorial can be found Carina's Craft Blog for the Granny Triangles and I believe she does a bunting one too which I didn't read. If you haven't visited
 Tangled Happy's Blog I would urge you to she has links to fantastic patterns especially for making gifts.

Then I turned my hook to this...............

How sweet are these????? I used the pattern from
I am going to string them together to make bunting but I haven't decided what to join then with. I think I may try to get some pom-poms ala Clever Lucy at Attic 24
 I am not sure about blogging etiquette so I haven't posted a photo of her lovely snowflake and pom-pom garland. I wouldn't want to do the wrong thing.

So last night my TB tootsies were cold! So I tucked them under a blanket and started these ........

The pattern for these was another Post of a link from Sara Tangled Happy. The pattern itself comes from Goodknits but I had to change yarn several times and hooks and they were still coming out MASSIVE!  I know I have a size 3 feet but seriously I think even Mr TB would have looked like he was wearing clown shoes if he was wearing them. I tried for the fourth time with Stylecraft Aran on a 5mm but I stopped at round 12
 (which is photographed on the pattern as the halfway point???!!!) and they fit perfectly. They do look VERY odd when they aren't on my feet though. It is a really enjoyable make and works up so very quickly. I will have another go today and try and tweek the pattern to suit myself but a I would love to hear from anyone who has made them how they get on, even if it is to reassure myself I am not a tiny footed freak!

So hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a lovely week ahead I may post again today and share any purchases I make at my LYS!

Toodles for now. xxxxxxxx


  1. You've been very busy! Love the granny hearts, I'm going to have to make some of those for the upcoming holiday. Have a nice weekend!

  2. I love the spotty mug ;) and those slippers are fab, I want to make some but alas time is never on my side! Luckily I got some in the advent swap I took part of!
    I am loving the colours of your slippers they are great x

  3. Definently a PJ day!! Your blog looks so cozy!
    Maybe I will finish up on my Bunting and maybe finish some other lingering projects!

  4. Love all your crochet :) I too am having a lazy, cosy day in :) xxx

  5. more pretties :o)

    thank you for sharing xxx

    wishing you a wonderful week

  6. I would eat that jam every day if I had some. Great projects you are working on.

  7. Wow! You have been busy. I love all of these. I am a little jealous though. Can't wait to start my bunting! Thank you so much for sharing Tangled Happy here at Tickety-boo and for all your kind words! To make you feel better I also had to make a lot of adjustments on my Mary Jane slippers. So although it sounds like you do have tiny feet you are not alone! They turned out very pretty. Love that button!

  8. Hi Tickety, I gave you an Award. Check it out at my nest! Congratulations. xo Robin

  9. Hellooo!!!!
    I received your comment about the crystals yesterday when I arrived home from my trip! I immediately think of rose quartz for emotional wellbeing because it is a love stone and being connected with our hearts is the most important first step in coming to terms with our feelings and emotions!
    And yes, absolutely, the fissure in the red crater does indeed look like a yoni, I was blown away by it and had to tell my mum who agreed, then I took many, many pictures! Amazing! I'm pretty sure, legend has it, that one of the volcanoes is a female and the other two are males, so I'll need to look it up and see if tongariro os the female in legend.
    Have a lovely day! Keep those feet warm with those cute slippers!

  10. You've been very busy! Pretty stuff you've got there. I just gave you a "Stylish Blogger" award, and now I see you've already got one! Just goes to show how many of us are enjoying your blog.


    Have a great weekend! Julie

  11. OH wow thank you so very very much! 2 x Blog awards in one week. I am so thrilled. I will sort an award post out as soon as I can. I only saw this after I had typed my new post.
    You guys are the best! Thank you very much! xxxxx