Friday, 31 December 2010


::Hello everyone::
I hope Christmas was fantastic for you all! The TB's Christmas was not our usual celebratory afair this year but I will not allow that kind of stuff on my blog!! This is my cheerful happy place :o)

The Littlies had a ball and got pressies they were not expecting and my lovely Mr TB is just the best and a total trooper.

this view was clear when I started taking photos! Where did the kids go????

Well it's the last day of 2010 and it got me thinking about the year that has passed. Unfortunately the main things that came to mind were so negative I just want 2010 to end BUT then I started to try and change my mindset and think of all the positives of 2010 to balance this out!!!!

So 2010 ........................
The year I learned to crochet!!! I taught myself and this is my first project

Crochet has opened an amazing and exciting new chapter in my life. I have met so many fantastic people through it. Which takes me to my next thing.

::Attic 24 :: Lucy's Blog is the first blog I had ever read and it has brought such joy to my life!! Thank you Lucy. I spread the word to my LYS which I found hunting for Lucy colours. This intoduced me to the lovely lovely LYS owner Lucy who cheers me up sooooo much every time I see her, because of that conversation she now stocks the Stylecraft Attic 24colour pack!

Crochet Club! I started going to crochet club at my LYS and it has introduced me to lots of lovely new friends especially Lucy and Issy and gives me 2hours of mind wandering bliss in a very busy life.

::RAVELRY:: Oh the joy the joy Ravelry has brought me. So many amazingly talented people and they are so friendly and helpful. JOY!!! Deep JOY!!!! Sharing all your amazing projects and all those patterns at your finger tips. Like this one

The Fantasy Flower Bag the super talented Morrewen
 (and changed slightly by me!)
I taught my friends to crochet. It's been a great experience to share and brought us all even closer together. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. I hope they know how much they mean to me.

My darling biggest Littlie started secondary school and is doing amazingly well! She has met so many lovely friends and it has brought her out her shell so much.

I started Blogging! It has been such a positive step to write and your comments make it all worth while. Thank you all my followers for continuing to read my blog. I hope it's interesting on some level. I take it that's the case because you continue to follow me.

I have so many reasons to be thankful for the last year it would be A MASSIVE post if I carried on so I will stop there but a HUGE HUGE Thank you to you all! I had no idea there were so many lovely people out there and you really are amazing. So here's to getting to know you all better in
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur!!!!
An lang mae yir lum reek. xxxxxx


  1. And a Happy New Year to you as well.

    We will meet up one day!

  2. Keep on being the kooky gal you are....thats your charm!!Bizarre isn't it that blogland brings chums together in so many ways...'nuff mush...Roll in 2011..CHEERS Jeannette..x

  3. What a great idea! An Attic 24 color pack. My mom was just telling me she wanted to make Lucy's granny stripe blanket for a new little one who we will be welcoming to our family soon. She wanted me to help her find the colors. Seems like an easy task but as I have tried this before its not as easy as it looks. Mine never seem quite like Lucy's when they are all put together. She makes it look so easy. This is a great post. So many things to be thankful for and lots to look forward to in 2011!

  4. Lovely lovely post! As we have brought you joy, you have brought us happiness with your blog. I really enjoy your blog and love all your positive graditudes! Happy New Year and may it be a blessed year. xo Robin❤

  5. enjoy your beginning to 2011! It will be such an amazing year, and well done for keeping those thoughts on a higher more positive vibration, it can be hard, but so worthwhile!

  6. Hello! - just found your blog so thought I'd say hi and Happy New Year. Look forward to reading more over the coming months!

  7. Have a wonderful year ahead!

  8. Happy New Year and all the best for 2011 :) xxx

  9. It's always good to focus on the good things that we have and get!!!
    Best wishes for this 2011!!!

  10. Attic24 was the first blog I ever read (summer 2009) and I was so inspired by Lucy's wonderful creations I went on a one day "learn to crochet" course, I have hardly stopped hooking since!
    Yes, Ravelry is a great community.
    Best wishes for 2011.
    Carol xx

  11. i do love your blankie, esp. all the pretty little grannies aroung the edging.
    Lucy is a wonderful ambassador for crochet, i love her blog too and she is a fabulous friend.
    just recently joined Ravelry myself and am finding it so much fun! you are right, the people there are great! all so kind, helpful and supportive, threre's a lovely warm humourous buzz there too.


    millie xxx

  12. Oh you are a lovely lot aren't you?! Thank you all for your New Year Wishes.
    A very warm welcome to you Sarah.