Sunday, 12 December 2010

Feeling Festive. Edited to add more pictures

How are you all? Thank you so very very much for all the lovely comments on my last post. You have no idea how much they helped me through what has turned out to be a particularly horrendous week. In fact I don't ever remember things feeling quite so bad. BUT hey life goes on and(that's not what I want my blog to be about) we have had cause to be cheerful too! Middle Littlie and Smallest Littlie had to go into hospital on Tuesday for food challenges. Smallest Littlie is now been given the all clear to eat nuts!!!! That includes peanuts but strangely not cashews?! Middle Littlie couldn't have hers done unfortunately because her oxygen sats were too low because of her asthma but she got another appointment for January so that's not too bad. 

I had enough of feeling sorry for myself so we went to collect our tree and the Littlies set to work their Christmas magic! It was a little bottom heavy so I did a little redistribution after bedtime and this is the result...........

It always makes you feel more Christmasy once the tree is in situ, doesn't it? My favourite bit maybe more than even the tree is the fireplace

It isn't quite finished yet but I love doing this bit and do it over a few days adding bit and bobs in so it is so full and glowing (well it will be when I get the damn fairylights working!) and excuse the oven tray under the woodburner but we scoffed some chestnuts while we worked and they were gooood!!!
 Myself and the Littlies will go cut the holly and ivy for the banister on the stairs tomorrow after school and I can put up the gorgeous holly berry lights and then decorate the dinning room.

I had only a little bit of time to work on it today as it was Biggest Littlies 12th Birthday. I can't believe she is 12! She is such a lovely young lady. She had a lovely jewellery party with her friends. They made a gorgeous necklace each and a spiral bracelet too which I will edit this post tomorrow and add some photos of the creations.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you are all feeling a little festive too and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas I hope you are not too sick of everyone going on about it yet!

Sending you all happy thoughts for the week ahead. xxxxxxxxx
Ok so as I promised this is what Biggest Littlie made at her party....

 I think they look fantastic! I wish I could do that when I was 12!!!!!!

And at last the living room decs are done! I have stopped tweeking at the fire place and it now looks festive

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :o)


  1. Glad things are improving for you. Your tree looks beautiful as does the fireplace. Wow, your daughter is 12 now and it sounds like a fun birthday with jewelery making.

  2. So glad your littlies are both home, what an awful time you have had. Happy Birthday to your little girl, time goes too fast!
    Your tree and fireplace look absolutely stunning :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Don't get me wrong the Hospital visit is one of my reasons to be cheerful! xxxx

  4. So beautiful and festive and homey!
    Hope the Littlies continue to do well!
    I am really in the Christmasy mode and am off to make more ornies!

  5. Hi Tickety-boo, Love your beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing....nothing like the festivities of Christmas and all the lights. Take care. xo Robin❤