Sunday, 5 December 2010

Santa's Little Elf

Hello everyone. How are you all? Anyone still snowed in? We have been in a tiny pocket of the country that didn't get much snow at all. We got about 2cm but LOTS of ice which has made my journeys to work interesting, traveling sideways down our country lane when you started out pointing forwards!

 I am sorry I haven't written a proper post for a while but I have been a busy girl working an enormous amount of hours producing my new brochure for work and organising our big Christmas events which this year included, visit from Santa, Children's pottery painting day, buffet for 90 people, a Swing Band and so on, but also trying to get some Christmas presents ready for family and friends.

So you lovely people, shall I show you what I have been up to?

I went to my friends studio to do some glass fusing and made some decorations for the Christmas tree.

I love how different they are when they come out of the kiln, all smooth and tactile.
Don't they like boiled sweeties?

I also did some copper foiling to make some more stars for the window............

..................and some mirrored tea-light holders for presents. They twinkle so nicely when you light the candles, it shows the jewel like colours so beautifully.
Candle light and stained glass is an amazing combination.

And so to the softer side of my life.......... I have been crocheting my socks off over the last couple of weeks (I should be knitting those scrummy socks for my niece really, but I needed some instant wooly gratification.) Crochet is sooooo much quicker than knitting. I get such a kick out of making something in an evening rather than it taking weeks. I have mostly been making presents but I have had to make some other bits and bobs for myself too as it has been flippin brass monkeys outside!

A Queen Anne scarf for my Mum using the yarn I bought ages ago. I used this pattern from Ravelry it was written by a very clever guy and is available for free. It took one and half evenings to make and really shows the beauty of the colours in the yarn. I liked it so much I made this one for me ......

It's such a therapeutic pattern to do and is one of the most enjoyable patterns I have every used.

I felt I was neglecting my niece's socks (which made me feel like a bad Auntie) but I wasn't ready to start up on them again, so I made her another Martha Cowl for Christmas. This is another freebie Ravelry pattern that is so quick and easy to do.

 This is the pattern I used for her birthday in this post and according to my sister she has been wearing it ever since. I think she may appreciate a different colour and texture. I wish I had taken a photo of the yarn before I made it. I was very tweedie hence the name Sidar Tweedie!!! Clue is in the title. It has a gorgeous texture and a really cosy feel. The do a really lush blue one
 which I think I may have to treat myself to. I am such a pain when I start making gifts, they really bring out a selfish side I didn't know I had! I just don't want to give things away I want to keep them for me ....... mine I tell you ...... mine ....... mine. I come over all Gollam. My precious! Theives and Bagginses. I may have just taken that a little too far but you get the idea

To satisfy the Smeegle side of my personality I made myself a hat last night.

Oh boy oh boy it's cosy! I LOVE IT. It's Stylecraft Aran in Blue Haze which is navy but has a lovely fushia tone to it. Yes you guessed it, it was another Ravelry freebie pattern. I had to alter the pattern slightly by putting in another 3 rows one puff stitch row and one double crochet row and one more decrease row to get the right amount of slouch to the back. The puff stitches are great and give a lovely effect.
 I'll show you in a Wayne's World type extreme close up.......

Aren't the pufftastic???? Sorry about all the shadows in the photos today the light is so wrong for photos indoors.

This afternoon Mr TB is working and the littlies want to play on the Wii so I think I am going to try making a Lacey Infinity Scarf by Beth Attwood this pattern isn't a freebie but it cost $2.00 so hey I call that a bargain! I am making it to match my new hat. I will show you the result in my next post.

Whatever you are all doing I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxxxxx


  1. What a busy bee you have been..Ohh to have a friend who has a studio to do glass fusing in...I love all your creations..I have some earrings in emerald green done in the blobs of your tealight holders..fab idea! My local glass people are Uredale glass in Masham..it is magical!And yes that Queen Anne scarf is lovely to do..very therapeutic as you say..Clever you..so lets wait and see what this coming weeks weather brings!
    you and yours take care!! Jeannette..x

  2. Wow, you've been very productive, good for you!! I need to get going on my crochet, I've been using my busy time on decorating for Christmas! Thanks for the links to the patterns! I love the Queen Anne's Lace scarf too! Teresa from Corbett OR USA

  3. Those decorations are beautiful - the tree especially. I know what you mean about the weather - it was a balmy -4 degrees in Cirencester on Friday!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE those crimbo decs!!!!!
    Cricky you have been busy chick!!!
    A project in a night?!
    I need to go to bed later and stop the snack/corrie/tea breaks lol-I maight get something done then;))))
    Our little pocket got none of the white stuff too:(((((
    HUGE hugs

  5. Lovely projects! and btw, it's not selfish, its self-caring! I did a little self-caring on line last nite!

  6. Wow, where to start!!! I love your glass decorations... your cowl is super beautiful!! and I like your scraf a lot.... first time I saw that pattern I didn't like it particularly, then it has grown up on me and I like it more and more... last week I've been asked to help a woman with that pattern, so I might give it a try!
    Loved your blog!

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your stained glass and yes I do stain glass too and made that star! Lots of fun. Love all that you have been up to, the Queen Anne's scarf is great. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.
    xo Robin

  8. wow, those tea light holders are just stunning, I would LOVE to make some or buy some whatever! Just have some! clever you!!
    Loving teh queen annes lace scarves, they go down a treat for sure! In fact, you have inspired me to wear mine today as it is freezing here and I think i need a bit of wool!
    have a lovel week and keep yousef warm!

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments it is a real boost in a cold and very hectic week. Maybe I will do a give away soon and give away a tea light holder. What do you think?

  10. Hi... thanks for following me (us) at apricot corner! I have been ill, so I'm finally getting around to visit friends... WOW, is all I have to say. I can't get over how amazing your glass designs are! Oh how I wish I were as talented as you obviously are... your crochet is fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog... oh, by the way, I totally hear you when you say you're not appreciated until the socks/undies are no more. Same at my house... XOXO lots of love, Ursula (CowboysMomma)

  11. Oh my! Your glass fused decorations are beautiful. I love them! Especially that little tree you made. Thank you for you kind comment at www.tangledhappy.blogspot.com today. I am enjoying meeting so many new people through my little blog.

  12. Those ornaments are AMAZING!! I love fused glass, how lucky you are to have a friend with a glass studio. I'm new to blogdom and am having a blast finding great new crochet sites! I'll be back here often.

    Julie twistedstrands.blogspot.com