Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Morning After The Night Before!

::Happy Saturday friends in blogland. ::

Wow 15th January already! This month is charging by which means it will soon be mine and smallest littlies birthdays. I will run the gauntlet later today and ask him what kind of birthday cake he wants. The last time I did that I had been out to buy Mario figures for his cake then he said "I want one shaped like a whale, with air coming out the blow hole and a diver swimming beside him. Oh and can it be an Orca and not a flat one!"
That'll teach me to ask. But I did make a 3d Orca and he was really pleased and I sounded like I had tourrettes syndrome!! I so hope it's something easier this year. At least this year I can put eggs in the cake mix . Middle littlie had a big day on Tuesday and went to the hospital to be food challenged for cake and if she passed that the challenge would move on to egg. She has many food allergies and carries Epi-pens where ever she goes so anything that can be added to her diet is a bonus. So after a successful cake challenge (YAY!!!!) they moved on to egg. She had a smallest ammount put on her lips (it was egg powder mixed in yoghurt) but her tongue and throat began to swell so the test had to be stopped. It's fantastic that she can have a cakes though so I must'nt grummble!

So what else have I been up to? Well Mr TB and I went out last night!
 I know, I know, I know It's 15th Jan and we've had a night out already. That'll be half our annual quota gone then ;o) My friend who has the glass studio invited us and some other friends for dinner.
 Which sent me into the " OMG What will I wear!" trauma. We have no shops nearby and I am on a typical January budget. I happened to pass the charity shop when I was on my way home from work and I popped in. Look what I got!!!

A gorgeous vintagey 1940's esq tea dress! So me and in my size and for the bargain price of £3.50. Oh what a happy TB I was. It is the perfect thing to go with my vintage shoes. Do you remember THE shoes from way back in my post

With seemed stockings, red lipstick and black eyeliner I felt fab. I haven't felt like that in a long time.
We had such a lovely evening. Good conversation, great food and LOTS of wine. My head is a little fuzzy this morning but I don't mind. It was worth it!

As for all things yarny the TB hook has been very busy this week. It was fantastic to get back to crochet club this week and see the lovely ladies there. It got me back in the mood to make make make make.

    Making these ..................

How cute are these???????
They are for the twins that I made the prem baby hats so long ago for.
I got the pattern from Ravelry and this is the link to it Owl earflap beanie. I hope they like them. They were so much quicker to make than I expected. Nothing more satisfying than starting and finishing a project on the same evening.

There has been a bit of a baby boom over the last six weeks and they are all girls! So I made these fantastic little hats ..........

I used this pattern from Dainty Daisy I challenge you not to go "aaaahhhhhh!"
at the most gorgeous baby you have ever seen when you look at the photo that goes with the pattern. They are soooo quick and easy to make.

I have also been working on the socks. Remember THE socks? I never got round to finishing them so now all the present making is out the way it's time to be selfish and knit and crochet somethings just for ME!!!!  I started a hat for me but I ran out of yarn with 4 rows to go. Grrrrrrrrr. So I am off to my LYS today to pick up some more and I will pop it on next weeks post.

Have a great weekend you lovely people. xxxxx


  1. I hope you get a break on the cake making this year! I unfortunately set the bar pretty high on my kids' cakes and now they think mom can make anything! What was I thinking?
    Your dress looks gorgeous, I'm glad you had a fun date with Mr. TB. It's good to get a night out!

  2. Oh great news about the cake. Cake was the first eggy thing my daughter was able to eat. She gradually grew more tolerant until she could eat neat egg. I know how it feels to be able to add a whole range of things to the family diet.

  3. That whale cake sounds very complicated! I have no idea what I'll be asked to make this month for my son. I'm hoping to get away with just doing a Pokeball which is at least round.

    I love the owl hats, they are gorgeous!!

    I am very jealous of your charity shop find. I haven't had much luck at all lately. I think more and more people are looking for bargains and getting there before me! I bet you looked great on your night out.

  4. I love all the little hats...so cute!