Saturday, 13 November 2010

Logging Blogging and Third Time Lucky! (fetch a cuppa it's a long one)

Happy Saturday to you all. This is my third attempt at posting this and I am getting upset with the fact I haven't been able to finish before the internet goes all weird and my post has disappeared into the ether!!!!

It has been a cold damp and very windy week in The Cotswolds. The trees are skeletal with all but a few leaves left on their limbs. The sky has been that shade of grey better known as Bleugh. What to do to cheer the souls of The TB's? Aha light the woodburner! There is something about the fire burning in the harth that warms you inside and out and feeds your soul. Off I go outside to the wood shed but only to find all that's there is a few sticks and wood shavings. PANTS! Even Ray Mears couldn't have made a fire out of that poor effort. Nothing else for it. Round up the lumberjacks and off we go up to the barn, armed with hot chocolate, axes and hard work to do. The littlies all have their jobs when we go logging, Little one finds chopable sizes, Middle one stacks and loads them in the Landy, Big'un chops and loads, while me and Mr TB split logs until we are knackered. So we are nearly done when Littliest shouts out "Mummy! Mummy! Look what I found! You're going to love it." He scrambled over the logs with his treasure in his little gloved hands and brought me this.................

A heart shaped log! He knows me so well. I love it. I can't bring myself to chop it or burn it so it will remain on the fire place to make me smile. A lovely little nature treasure.

Ok so Crafting! I have had a productive week. I went to crochet club on Wednesday with C. She is such a good friend she calms me down and listens to my rants (which I have been doing a lot of lately) and when I have spent time with her I always feel better. C hadn't been before but we had a lovely morning hooking away. When it was done we stayed behind because ...... do you remember the lovely sock yarn I bought to make socks for my lovely niece for Christmas? This one .......

Well when I bought it I also bought a circular needle and was determind to teach myself this toe-up two socks at a time thingy. Oh boy oh boy was it biting off more than I could chew! But the yarn was there, looking at me, begging me to cast on and reveal her lovely stripeyness, saucy minx (sorry carried away there!) I was tempted to start on the double pointers but I spoke to L at my LYS and she said to bring it with me and she would show me how to manage the cicular beast. So I stayed behind and she should me some freaky moves that she called casting on and off I went on the toe increases. I came home rather proud of myself and carried on a little then the kids needed feeding. I mean feeding, for goodness sake couldn't they see I was knitting two socks at once???? Aparantly not! When I picked up the needle again I couldn't figure it out. It looked like it had been turned inside out and upside down and round and round by a rabid dog! So against my better judgment I had to frog it. So once the little treasures were in bed I went on YouTube and found a tutorial to cast back on magic loop stylie and off I went again. I am now finished the toe increases and working on the main foot. So proud of myself. Want to see?

I am loving them! Thanks L!

And so to Thursday.............

I went to my Stained Glass Class on Thursday. I have had it in my head for a while I wanted to use up some of the glass I already have form my previous larger projects and being a bear of very little brain it got me to thunking..........so I thunk.........and thunk..... and thunk a little more and I thunk of Christmas. After some geometric work and careful measuring and drawing I came up with an eight pointed star design for a tree topper. Out came the tools! I transfered the design to the glass, I cut, grozed, copper foiled and soldered and this is the result............

Now I just have to work out a cunning device to attach it to the tree! I am thinking a clip of some description but I will have to keep the grey matter ticking over on it.

I am now going to knit a little more now in front of the fire with a glass of wine so bye bye for now.

Slàinte maith, h-uile latha, na chi 'snach fhaic! xxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely heart shaped piece of wood and just love your stained glass star!

  2. I absolutlely love that LOG! It is a keeper!!! No Burning....right! Love your sock attempt and yarn, I have yet to make any BUT have the supplies! Another project. I have done stain glass too, it's lots of fun. Have a great weekend. xo Robin❤

  3. Hi TB! Loved your blog, read several bits to hubby. Do you live on a farm? Would love to see a photo of your house and barn. I can't imagine doing 2 socks at once as doing one at a time nearly killed me! I have the pair - ONE - haven't had the courage to try another. I've also done lots of stained glass but it's been a long time. I am tempted to do some more. Are those original leaded glass windows in your house! Must be nice! Have a lovely weekend with the fire burning.

  4. Enjoyed your blog.What talent! I am now a follower and can't wait to see more!

  5. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments and welcome to you Maddie, glad you are enjoying my chunterings. Yes Teresa they are original 1870's windows but they are mighty drafty in winter!!! I don't live on a farm and our barn is not at all glam (unlike yours which is gorgeous) It's a bit like me ...... not at all photogenic. The house is different it's sweet so I may post a photo soon. xxxx

  6. Love the stained glass, it's gorgeous! And well done on the two at a time socks. i think I'd get into a proper tangle doing that.

  7. How I would love a real fire! To be able to go out, gathering wood and kindling, then come home and set the fire roaring, perfect!
    I love your heart shaped log, I wouldnt be able to bring myself to burn it either :)
    How clever of you knitting 2 socks at once, wow, you go girl!!!
    I am loving the stained glass, it is beuatiful!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :) xxx

  8. luuverly jubberly logs missus!...stained glass ..just a touch of the fabulous-nesses..just catching up with your blogette.well done..need to catch up on the doing myself!! cheers!