Sunday, 21 November 2010

I got a Beautiful Blogger Award!

Wow what a lovely surprise! Theresa Has given me a Beautiful Blogger Award. I am thrilled. As you all know I am new to this blogging milarky so it's lovely to know you are all enjoying it and I am getting something right. So now I believe I have to write 10 facts about me...............................................

  • I LOVE live music. I go to see Metallica every chance I get and sulked like a child when Mr TB was given a Meet n Greet ticket when we went to the O2 in London to see them. Notice it was ticket and not tickets!!!!!! He would even take me as his "thing to be signed" so I had to sit on my own 'til he joined me and hear how amazing it was. Gggrrrrrrr!

  • I have a phobia of mashed potato.

  • When I was little I used to think the fluffy bits of Dandelion heads were Fairies.

  • I once went to a ball at Buckingham Palace.

  • I have lived in three different countries. I only lived in one house as a child which is the house my parents still live in but since being married I have moved 6 times but don't ever want to move again, even though I REALLY miss Scotland!

  • I married my best friend. Mr TB and I were best friends for a very long time before we became a couple. In fact even before that  I disliked him intensely the first time I met him but as The Fast Show character Rowley Birkin would say he was very very very drunk!

  • I am a fully qualified nursery teacher (even though that is not my job now)

  • I love Geocaching . I love walking in the country and geocaching has introduced us to places we would never have found otherwise.

  • I love cooking and baking for my family and friends. My Granny taught me to cook and knit and sew when I was a little girl. She was amazing, she would plan a meal for her and my Grandpa then all their children and Grandchildren would turn up and she would still make enough to round us all!

  • oooooooooooohhhh look number 10 ......................okay ................ mmmmmmmmmmmm ................... I don't like raisins!!!!

There we go 10 things! I will do a post in a couple of days with photos from the stained glass workshop I went yesterday. I will just have to wait for the decorations to come out the kiln.

 So now to nominate.....................


  1. You forgot..you don't like paper hats!!esp of the christmas variety!!

    Well done!
    love Jeannette..x

  2. Lol I think lots of people know that one already Jeanette ;o) xx

  3. Congrats! Yep, the raisins are on my list too. You bite into a lovely muffin or cookie only to find a dead fly! To me, that is what it is like.

  4. Thank you for tagging me! I did this one last month so will leave it a little while before doing it again.

    You don't like raisins????! ;-)

    Claire xx

  5. Oh, I finally meet the other person on the planet besides me that has a phobia of mashed potatoes. I almost quit nursing school because of them.

    Congrats on your award.

  6. Awww thanks! Now I have to come up with 10 things of my own! :)