Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Obsession!

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How are you lovely people? Have you had a good week?
It's been a mixed bag of a week for me. I had a bit of a shock when Smallest Littlie brought home a letter from school saying that the SENCo
 (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) would be testing him the following day. We had no idea what he was being tested for or indeed that there was any problem! We went in for a meeting with his teacher and the SENCo and were told that he is Dyslexic. In they same meeting we were also told he has an
IQ of 140 which means he is also "gifted" and that's why it was picked up (no idea how he got a brain that big! Can't be genetic ;o). His reading and writing are not on the same level as his intellegence. Now we know he can be helped and I am glad this has been picked up at the age of 8 and not later when it will be harder to help him. Biggest Littlie was off school ill for two days this week which is so unlike her. It was a good excuse to stay home, snuggle under blankets with her (even though she's 12) and do lovely things like bake and hook away the day inbetween being Florence Nightingale.

So to the wooly part of the week.............
Crochet Club at my LYS was on this week (it's fortnightly) so off I pootled. I bought wool but I also came home with something else!!!!!

Please excuse the dodgey photo (and the rogue black sock on the radiator)

A hammock! Just what you expect to buy at you LYS isn't it??? Oh I love it! I have always wanted one and I can't wait for the better weather to try it out. The fabric is beautiful......
All for the bargain price of £12.50!!!

Ok so my new obssesion....................
I am in LOVE total LOVE with making shawls. First on was last week when I made N's Birthday pressie. Which looked lovely, especially when it was blocked

It was hard to give it away really so that could only mean one thing. I had to make one for ME!

I bought gorgeous sock wool when I was at Crochet Club on Wednesday and got hooking right away. I finished it on Friday night and blocked it yesterday before I went to work.

The light is so bad today I can't get a decent full photo but I had to share this. The yarns colours are just beautiful I can't wait to wear it and I shall try to take some more photos when I do. It's another Elise Shawl done on a size 5mm (US H) hook. The yarn is Four Seasons Grundl, Hot Socks Circus. It is lovely to work with. I get so excited as one colour changes to the next and always love when I get to the magenta. I am easily pleased :o) 
ETA new photos

I am off to have a rifle through Ravelry to find some more shawl patterns!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Wow! I bought a ball of the same Hot Socks yesterday because the colours were just singing to me from the shop shelf, and I was wondering how it might look in a shawl or scarf of some kind. The little glimpse of yours looks great - like a rainbow! I think it's certainly made my mind up! :)

    Much love,

  2. It looks lovely! Check out the South Bay Shawlette if you haven't already seen it, there were lots made in my crafties group last year.

  3. Tickety, those shawls are so lovely. I love the yarn and all the variegation, it really must be so fun to work with. Always a new color to look forward to. The hammock looks so inviting. I have never seen one with such pretty fabric or any real fabrics actually. They are normally canvas-like around here. I think it's a mixed blessing with your son. He will really bloom with the special help. Wow, what an IQ!! Hope you have a great week ahead. Thank you for visiting me too! xoRobin❤

  4. As always chick amazing!!!!
    So glad things went well at the school too;)))
    Ive put the shawl in my to-do-list but it still looks mega scary lol!!!
    It,the yarn and you look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!
    HUGE hugs

  5. Fabulous shawl, beautiful rainbow colours.
    Don't know if I would manage to make one though.
    Carol xx

  6. That is one lovely shawl.

    I think comparing my mum to Helen Mirren is even more far-fetched than my mum being a spy! Must check out that film.

  7. Beautiful! You are so talented, I loved the shawl when it popped up on ravelry, it is so perfectly fine and wow, just amazing, well done!

  8. Hej

    Thank you always for your lovely comments;-)
    You are very clever and talented I LOVE all your crochet and the shawls especially are beautiful.
    Aren't toadstools just magical...I am drawn to them...I think it must be something to do with childhood too and fairies too...
    That was very good to pick-up on your son...
    Some children struggle forever...WOW! an IQ140!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday