Friday, 8 July 2011

Hooky Mojo is back!

::Hello to you all from a soggy Costwolds!::
When will this blinking rain stop???
Yet another camping weekend cancelled due to sucky weather :(

I have been ,more of a knitter of late than a crocheter or crocheator as Smallest Littlie would say. I am having trouble with my wrist clicking really badly when I crochet but not when I knit so it has been putting me off. I lost my hooky mojo for a while. That was until I found this...............

The Festival Shawl pattern on Ravelry.
I imagined myself all wrapped up in this beauty by the campfire this weekend, snuggled up with Mr TB and toasting marmallows and drinking hot milk with brandy and honey (our camping treat) whilst singing songs and telling stories to the littlies. In this day dream we look like some kind of tourist leaflet family and not the slightly bedraggled and stressed out bunch that camping makes everyone. When camping even Waltons act like the Osbournes by the time they have got the bloody thing pitched and beds sorted and..........so on and so on!!!
Enough of that! The point is I can dream and if I have a Festival Shawl  of my very own wrapped around me I can be one step closer to being said family all relaxed and having a jolly time. 
(Even though Mr TB is now working this weekend, it's pouring down and we are not going anymore!)
 I dug the hooks back out and off I went with some Lidl sock yarn in Navy blue from my stash........... 
two evenings work + 48hours blocking later I had this beauty of my very own................

Modelled by Biggest Littlie.
 It is a monster shawl! 
Now it is blocked a whopping 190cm wide but I love it and I have my hooky mojo back.

A little bit of glass ta-dah now.
My gorgeous friend L has an allotment, which makes her a very happy bunny indeed. The only thing that would make this very happy bunny even happier is if she had a shed! Ahhhh one of life's simple pleasures a shed. How great would it be to say " I'm off to my shed darling you can cook the kids tea!" and then run like the wind to your own little piece of  Nirvana in wooden form?? Anyhoo this Mother's Day L's hubby indeed got her a shed. A second hand one but who cares about that? Not I and certainly not L. 
The purple shed is talked about all the time with ideas of an illicit still, home brew and lots of other shananigans.
 It's now purple with a heart on the door and bunting
 (much to the amusement mostly elderly male allotment keepers)
 Tonight is the official opening of said shed  complete with big hats and champagne but I can't make it so I made her a special present in fused Glass.

I hope she likes it!

L ..................... here's to  your little purple shed and all those who frequent her!!!

Chin chin!

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you are doing!


  1. Oh la de dah! How posh did you look in the last picture. It must be a very grand shed opening indeed! I love the fused glass and I am sure your friend will too. You have made me think my shed is neglected! I must titivate now. Both my sons have a birthday this week I wish I had made bunting. Love the shawl and like you I am waiting patiently for camping weather, perhaps this is it. Playing cards by candlelight under damp canvas could be fun!

  2. That shawl is gorgeous and I love those little bead details. I can't believe it only took two evenings to crochet it - you must be a bit of a Speedy Gonzales with that hook even with a clicky wrist!

    That fused glass piece is such a thoughtful present too; I like those little canes it it.

    Have a great weekend too, Tickety-boo.

    Bottoms up!

  3. that shawl is lovely, so detailed and intricate, I would love to have the skill to make something like that.
    And now I want a purple shed to make it in!!!!!!!!!!
    The purple shed is now firmly lodged in my head as both a "want" and a possible relaxation place for when trying to meditate :)

  4. Lovely shawl.

    We're camping for a week soon, the wretched weather better cheer up.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. Just loving your shawl, WOW!
    A purple shed, a purple shed with a heart on the door? Oh, that's my kind of shed. Lucky girl.
    Anne xx

  6. Cheers! Have a lovely weekend. Here's to the end of the rain. x

  7. Hi TB, Love your festive shawl, it is indeed beautiful. Hope your clicking (waist?) doesn't act up anytime soon. It really looks like a great pattern! Absolutely love the glass art you made. It will be perfect for your friends shed! You're a great friend and she's a lucky lady! Have a great weekend. xoRobin❤

  8. Gorgeous shawl! Thanks for stopping by the Cwtch - will be following in the hope of seeing some Hilda action, for you look jolly glam here!!! Xxx

  9. It's faboo! I want a festival shawl too! I'm going to have to hunt down that link and have a try I think!

  10. Oh my as if the pictures on FB weren't enough to show you talents with glass I then read this and see them again, I love love love the little house. Then their is the crotchet it looks so lovely/complicated. I still have way way way to go on my blanket brought with me on the course. xx

  11. Ohh... This is lovely. I saw your gorgeous Fantasy Flower bag on Raverly. Quite lovely as well! Wishing you a happy week. :)

  12. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. As for the boot sale, I go to the Sunday morning one at Aston Down - thats where I brought my recent booty from.

  13. I love the shawl! My Idea of Camping is Holiday Inn! I have camped pregnant on the ground..8 months..I was miserable and eaten by misquitos..I will never camp again! I am going to try your brandy drink though...Maybe today!

  14. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my shawl and my Purple Shed pressie :o)
    Vintage Knitter thanks for the tip I'm going to talk Mr TB into taking me there.
    Welcome Neicee that sounds like enough to put anybody off camping! The brandy drink is nice with a little cinnamon in too.
    Thanks everyone. xxxxx

  15. Hi! Just found you via, 'Crochet with Raymond'! New follower for you here :) In your last post you asked for ideas for the King Cole Riot Yarn...last year I made this scarf (http://christine.typepad.com/knitting/easy-drop-stitch-scarf-pa.html) with some and it turned out to be a very stunnning scarf indeed!
    Jill :)x

  16. Hello stocktocrafts and other new followers your very welcome.
    Thanks for your suggestion I'll pop over and have a look. I have started a project in Riot which I'll share in my next post.
    Tickety-boo xxxx

  17. Love the shawl, makes me want one.
    I love your description about camping too.
    How did you do the glass fusing?
    The write up about the purple shed begs some follow up photos.

  18. Hello there! Have found your blog and am very pleased to be here - lots of gorgeous crochet-y projects to inspire me!
    I love the festival shawl in this post and your gorgeous beanie in another. I love the little baby cardi, the glass painting... I could go on!
    So, am new follower so I can keep in touch.
    If you have time, do pop over and say hi at my end of bloggyland- I love a bit of crochet too!