Saturday, 30 July 2011

John, Paul George or Ringo?

:: Good morning lovely people::
Wow it's Saturday already and I have somewhat neglected my blog. I have had my 19 year old nephew staying with us so there has not been much time for yarny things or indeed all things bloggy. In there place there have been days out and trips to Cheltenham. 

This is the clock in Cheltenham shopping centre which the Littlies(and I have to say me too) love. The fish blows bubbles out on the hour so we have to time our visit well.
And Bristol's shopping centre (we haven't only been shopping!)
This is a big shopping mall at Cribbs Causeway just outside Bristol.
I thought this was fantastic!! All those traditional deck chairs, bunting and kids paddling in the stream that runs down from the fountain. They even have giant games like Connect 4 and Chess. 

I have, however, finished the hat I have been working on. I have really enjoyed this pattern and just LOVE the yarn, it reminds me so much of those little metallic beetles you see on leaves (quite often on silver birch trees).

or maybe it's just me! So for a title for this FO. Because it reminds of said beetle I think it deserves a beetle Beatle name. So I am pleased to introduce you to my Ringo Ta-dah!!!

My only problem is it needs blocking, but only the back section not the brim. It is a bit more of a beanie than a beret at the moment. 
Can any of you lovely people give me any advice? I have never blocked a hat before. I have thought about using a balloon or even stuffing it with shopping bags but I could do with some guidance so I hope to pick your wooly wonder brains :)

There has been a ripple of excitement on the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry since Lucy from Attic 24 blog made  This post in which she showed the most gorgeous hook! Everyone has been talking about hook handles. I had a look at some beautiful ones on Etsy but I decided to have a go at making one myself. I popped to Hobbycraft (hence the above shopping trip) and bought cheap polymer clay. For those who don't know it is modelling clay that once shaped you bake in the oven and it hardens.

at 99p a block it wasn't going break the bank!
This is what I came up with
Now these could be an idea for my 100 follower giveaway!
It's my lovely friend C's gorgeous daughters birthday tomorrow (she is Middle Littlies best friend) and she has just learned to crochet so this one is going to be her birthday present along with the personalised project bag I am making her. C's other gorgeous little girl broke her arm on Thursday, poor love, and had to have an operation yesterday so I am making a little something for her too but I'll show you those in my next post.

So I best go round up the troops and find out what we are going to do today when we get my Nephew out his bed (hopefully before lunch!!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your doing.


  1. I love the spotty hook handle! Clever you!

  2. Ooh i love the hook handle! Will have to investigate that clay next time I'm in Hobbycraft. I used to have loads of it when I was little and made some awful things! I'm not very artistic. I love the spottiness of yours.

    Loving the hat too, it's fab. All I know about blocking hats is you aren't meant to stretch the ribbed section.

  3. You clever old thing you, I loved the polka dot hooks too, I don't think I could make a neat one though. I am glad you are having a great time with your Nephew, give him a kiss from me! (Just to freak him out no other reason :) We will get together real soon, hopefully you won't be needing Ringo just yet. x

  4. Hi there!
    Nice to see the Wishing Fish Clock, a ball fell off once when we were watching it!

    I was thinking of a Hobbycraft visit for the very same reason.

    Let's hope this weather stays. CN x

  5. Abundant gorgeousness!!!!! I haven't been online all week and this is the first post in my Reader - what a treat! Love the hat, love the hook - yum!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend

  6. Good job on the hooks! Love them. I like your blog, gonna look around some more, glad I found it through Ravelry and Lucy! :)

  7. The ringo hat is just gorgeous! Love it! Sorry I don't have any advice on how to block it though...
    Brilliant spotty hook! I was given some of that clay, so maybe I should have a go at one myself.
    After reading the above comment.. I think I might go have a look for you over at Ravelry..!

    Ashley xxx

  8. Oooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Looooove the hook! I want to make one too after seeing Lucy's post! I'm thinking about designs and I'm glad I saw yours because now I'm brave enough to try it out! Exciting! And the hat, wowee, how clever are you! I'm not sure how you would block it, although maybe just a wash will sort it our because hats are such stretchy buggers anyway... I'm sure there are plenty of wise people who can tell you!
    have an ace week, love to you XXXXX

  9. Ace post (as always!). I LOVE that clock! Your hat and your new hook handle are fabulous :) I might have to try making a handle for my smaller metal hooks as they rub on my little finger when I'm twisting them... hmm ideas ideas!!

    I've never tried it myself, but I have heard some people use a plate to block their hats over, so they can block the hat part but not the rib. I wonder if there's a hat-specific group on Rav who could help you out?

    PS: Young Ringo gets my vote (so cute on the early songs), but overall you can't beat the genius of John!

    Much love,

  10. Lovely hat! I block mine by putting a plate in it. Probably a large dinner plate. And of course dampen the hat. Leave on until dry!!

  11. I use a plate to block my hats; just dampen the hat and use an appropriate sized plate to get the size you want. I've found that its quite effective and gets a nice defined shape to the hat.

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments and advice. I think I'll try the dinner plate trick as it has been suggested by 3 people. One more follower and it's giveaway time! :)
    ttfn my lovelys. xxx

  13. Gosh, its been a long time since I saw that Kit Williams clock. I remember taking my two to see it when they were very little. (Eldest is now 30!). Love your crochet hooks with spotty dotty handles and your hat is just so pretty. Lovely yarn in it.

  14. It worked it worked it worked!!!! The plate block worked!! Top banana. I knew your wooly wonder brains would sort it for me. Thank you.