Saturday, 24 September 2011


:: Hello you lovely people::
I am sorry I have not been very attentive of late have I? I just don't know where time goes! Life has been so full (I suppose that's how a domestic goddess would put it but I am a mere mortal and have found it a little overwhelming in a "shall I shove a broom up my bum and I could sweep the floor as I go?" kinda way)  since coming back from our holibobs that I haven't sat down and kept you all up to date with the goings on. I am sorry and thank you for sticking by me you are such a lovely bunch. I will try to get back to posting on a weekly basis soon.
I have had a lovely response for the Giveaway.There is still time to enter if you wish. Just leave me a comment on the Giveaway post and I will add you to the draw which will take place on 1st October and remember if you give me a shout out on your blog you get another chance to win.

So what have I been up to? Well apart from running around The Cotswolds with the Tickety-boo tribe in tow, going to Marshall Arts, Ballet classes, extra Ballet classes for exams, drama club, football, rugby and street dance not too much really!!!

I have somehow started another blanket! It's the fault of the lovely Ravelry member Owlcrazi.  I blame her totally for playing to my weakness for all things yarny. She posted her finished  Butterfly Garden Blanket and I thought "ooooo that's pretty" and then "ooo I could have a go at one of those squares with all my left over Stylecraft" 
and so the beast was unleashed the pretty blanket began ;)
It's a free pattern by Chris Simon. for non-Ravelry members (I strongly suggest you become one you don't know what you are missing!) here's a linkie to the blog it's posted on.

The squares are larger than the granny squares I have made in the past but I think that's what I quite like about them. Biggest littlie has already nailed her colour to the mast declaring "I hope that's for me!" so I can see this being a stash increaser rather than a stash buster as it started out!!
I am soooooo enjoying this pattern. it's easily remembered after a couple of squares which makes for "Mum can you put down your crochet/knitting and help me with my homework?" or sit for an hour outside ballet school in the car with grumping kids waiting for their sibling a good multi-tasking  project.

Want to see my progress so far?

I am thinking a green or turquoise border around the squares to join them and a nice red or green (depending on the joining colour) picot edge around that.

Anyhoo I want to leave you with this gorgeous song from one of my favourite people on this planet! 
Tim Minchin.
It has been stuck in my head all week.
The man is a genius and his talent knows no bounds. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Just click on this link.
Oh but a word of warning if you watch this and like it and then think in a totally YouTubetastic binge that you would like to see more of Tim's work, some but not all of his songs are not for the easily offended or to be listened to when little ears are around.
Have a lovely week one and all!
Love Tickety-boo



  1. Sorry to hear that you've been so busy, but it sounds like you've been doing all of the loving-responsible-mom kinda things. That's important too! Glad to hear you also have a new project underway. Those squares have such pretty designs in them! Best of luck with your new endeavor. And thanks for sharing the song! I was introduced to him about a two years ago and I have to say, he can be quite entertaining. Have a wonderful week yourself!

  2. Blanket looks gorgeous!!
    I love Tom Minchin!!! but I had not heard the song you linked to before

  3. I am listening to your tune recommendation right now, cooool! I love your multitasking project I am a weirdo who knits and crochets in the car too on school runs, yours is a very pretty pattern. No wonder it already has a loving home waiting for it! You sound like you are doing a great job. (((Hugs))) :) x

  4. Hi TB,
    Missed you, but can see how busy you have been. It's time consuming being a super mom. Love your squares and music selection! Have a good weekend, xoRobin❤

  5. Hello! Can totally relate to the busy side of things. Love the new blanket and great that you don't have to change colours.

    Tim Minchin is fab and rather tasty too. I do have a soft spot for men in eyeliner!

  6. Those are lovely colours that you're using for the blanket and I think that using the turquoise and green combinations would really suit those pinky/purple/blue shades.

  7. Ooooo Mrs, what a nice post!
    LOVE those butterfly squares- very, very pretty. Have already visited the link and bookmarked it! Oh dear, I shall never get my flower cushion finished now...!
    And Tim Minchin? The man is genius. Beautiful song- thanks for sharing.
    (will now spend hours in YouTube listening to the others!)
    have a great Sunday.

  8. Oh loving the blanket project it looks way above my crotchet talents.

    I know what you mean about headless chicken syndrome of taking children (in your case way more than me!) here their and everywhere and taking projects with you to pass the time. H only has one club free night at the moment. Role on half term :) x