Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hermione! Hermione! Hermione Granger!

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all? I hope you're well.
Thank you all for the warm anniversary wishes and lovely comments on Mr TB's pressie.

The title of this post comes from a video my Littlies love an recreate frequently.
It's bizarre but they find it funny.
I am not a huge Potter fan but they are and now every time the mention a name from the films all I can hear is this little clip!
Biggest Littlie loved the hat that Hermione wears in The Deathly Hallows film (or Deathly Heeeelllooooo's! As me and Mr TB call it to irritate our children, as is our duty as partents.)  

I had a search on Ravelry and as usual it came up with the goods! A free pattern available form this clever ladies blog Linky.
It has been in my project list for a while and I wanted to clear the decks for some projects for myself and for Christmas projects 
(sorry for that mention of the "C" word") 
 So once I finished Middle Littlies socks on Sunday I cast it on!
It was a really simple and quick pattern and oh the deep joy of knitting with something thicker than sock yarn on needles bigger than 2.25mm!!! It was done before I knew it and all for the bargain price of under £2.
The yarn is Serenity by Wendy, colourway is Boysenberry bought from fantastic Kemps.
So here it is the Hermione! Hermione!Hermione Granger hat :)

Biggest Littlie loves it and there is enough yarm left over for some fingerless mitts I think but ONLY when I find the time 
(maybe as a gift for "C" word or her Birthday which is in 4 weeks)

So far be it from me to let the grass grow and all that I cast another hat on last night :)
I will save that for my next post.

Before I go I wanted to give my friends blog a quick shout out. If you are fans of Downtown Abbey or indeed Playmobile (you'll understand when you visit) pop  over and say hello and discover The Adventures of Lady Grantham.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Love the hat... thanks for the link... My children are all too old for Harry... so it never caught on in this house.. I think I missed out! I'm off to check out Lady Grantham :)x

  2. LOVE the potter link TB!!!!
    When sung like that "Voldermort, Voldermort, Voldi, Voldi Voldi.....he somehow doesnt seem soooooooooo scary!!!!
    Still wouldnt want to cross him though!!!
    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G hat btw:))))

  3. Love your hat, thank you for the link.
    Carol xx

  4. I can't tell you how many time me and my housemates reinacted that little skit while we were in college :) Good times! I wouldn't have thought to make up Hermione's hat. It looks great! I'm sure some mitts would be a perfect addition to it for Christmas (or birthday). Don't worry, it's not a dirty word! Best of luck with your holiday projects!

  5. Oh dear, just clicked the link even though I KNEW which vid it was going to be! Cue 4 replays whilst the littlies chanted along..... We've loved it for years, ever since the biggies discovered it!
    Love the Hermione hat, looks great. I just knitted a hat with Serenity Superchunky and it was surprisingly soft and handle-able for a budget yarn.
    Waiting for your next hat now ;)

  6. Lovely hat. My two love that crazy video too! They have been watching it over and over for weeks! Weird. :)

  7. Brilliant!
    And as it's the 16th November it is less than a month until Christmas so we can say it! Christmas, Christmas, CHRISTMAS!!!

  8. It's a brilliant hat. I can totally relate to what you say about casting on something manageable. I've finished two projects and a good portion of another in the last 10 days and it's heaven. No huge blankets for me until after Christmas now, by then I'll be itching to start another one.

  9. Great hat. Looks very cosy. Great colour. x