Monday, 24 October 2011

A Good Lesson to Learn!

I saw this and have to share this very serious concern with you lovely people.
Just because you can crochet
doesn't mean you should!

 Have a great day everyone.
Love Tickety-boo
ETA: the source of these abominations and many more is 
The Ugly Sweater blog 
I dread to think what these are sweating eeeeewwwwwwww! 


  1. They are bloody marvelous, I may make my boys a pair! I love the way they are worn with a belt. Smashing. My little one was just horrified and said they look disgusting! My oldest just said 'Nah thanks Mom I think I will be alright.' I won't make my other half a pair just in case he likes them although they do look like a very warm pair of shorts to me!

  2. Lovely! Gives good bum definition?

  3. They are very well constructed. :)

  4. LOL, sadly I don't think I have the bum for them.

  5. ROFL - some people just dont know when to stop!
    Seriously, that man must really love the person who made those!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, made me laugh!
    Gill xx

  6. Oh my goodness!! There are not words! I showed the photo to hubby and he just shook his said and said "no". Well that saves me that job then. :)
    Anne xx

  7. Oh dear, someone hide that wo/man's hook and yarn. Those shorts are just wrong!
    Carol xx

  8. I am still laughing, since I saw it earlier!

  9. I love how many people tried (and failed) to put a positive spin on these bad boys! I put it up there but I still am laughing each time I look at them.

  10. Have you ever crocheted/knitted a gift for someone who didn't show the appropriate level of amazement? I've always thought that something like this would make the perfect revenge gift for their next birthday/Christmas pressie...

    There's a Rav pattern page for "Gams" - they're a knitted boxer short (I'm pretty certain that's the name, but I'm in a public computer room and I don't think I can handle the shame of several pages worth of knitted boxers suddenly flashing onto the screen!!). Don't even get me started on the crocheted bikinis!!

    Kim x

  11. Ugh! That beige stripe between the bum cheeks looks particularly unsavoury.

  12. Brilliant - I had exactly the same 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should' conversation with my friend last night, I need to show her these very special shorts!

  13. LOL! I just spilled my cornflakes when the image popped up! :D

  14. As they say -laugh out loud! Many thanks for birthday wishes and yes - you could be right about tattoos becoming addictive! LOL again! x