Sunday, 16 October 2011

Starry Blanket Ta-Dah

:: Hello lovely blog followers!::
How are you all? I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I am popping in again quickly to show you my crafty makes of the week. It's another quick post because I have some work to do today. I have been working my butt off to be honest but that's not what this post is about.

The first up is my quick stained glass project. I was at my class a few days ago and noticed at the bottom of my glass box,  the most beautiful colours glowing up at me. These were off-cuts from other projects. I put them on my board and they just begged to be leaded together. 
No smarty pants faffing, no tricky curves or over complicated design 
(which is what I usually do to myself then get very frustrated)
Just simplicity to show off the beauty of the glass and it's sumptuous colours.

I just have to mount it on my back door now. 

And now to the yarny bit! 
As you know my nephew Archie arrived on Friday 7 October. Now during the summer I started to knit A baby sleep sack in anticipation of his arrival. I should have known better as my family have a history of BIG babies and the sleep sack turned out quite small. He was over 9lb and I think the sleep sack is too small for him,( so I'll keep it for a friend whose baby is overdue and I'll share the Tad-Dah for that when the baby is here safely)
That left me a present down! Arrrrgggggg what to do when spare time to hook or knit is at a premium ??????
I found some Vanna's Choice Baby yarn in my stash that came from my first swap. It's Aran weight and uses a 6mm hook so a project using this would grow quickly. I looked through my Ravelry queued projects and found the lovely 
Chromium Star Blanket What a lovely project I thought to myself!
EPIC FAIL!!!!!!! 
Maybe because I didn't have time or brain space to work it out but I could not get through the first 3 rounds no matter what I tried and after a little research I was by no means the only person to have that problem. 
Nothing else for it I was going to have to wing it!!
I would have to improvise a pattern and trust my hooky instincts. I decided if it didn't work it would be an online purchase of clothes instead of a blanket.
It did work...........Yay! I am so pleased with myself. Two evenings work (and sending Mr TB out to buy more yarn so I could complete the project)
and this is what I made.............


I am really happy with it! I wish I'd figured out a way of having a closed centre but as my first piece of totally improvised working I am really chuffed.

Right-o. I will have to love you and leave you as I have to go do some work before I fall behind. I will be glad if these extra hours when it comes to Christmas and I take it all back as time off in one go!

Have a great week lovely people.


  1. That stained glass is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes you just have to leave things simple and let the colours speak for themselves! You are a lady after my own heart - I do stained glass and crochet too! Not been brave enough to try knitting yet though!
    I love your star blanket - I'm sure it will be much appreciated. I'm v impressed that you improvised it yourself - you should do a tutorial!
    Have a lovely rest of weekend :o)

  2. I love stained glass, and yours is so pretty! And a huge congrats on "winging" the blanket, it came out lovely and your nephew is a lucky little fellow!

  3. Stained glass is beautiful. I imagine the sun filtering thru!

  4. That glass panel is gorgeous, those colours and textures go really well with each other don't they? I'm well impressed too with that star blanket, that will be such a thoughtful present.

    P.S. I checked out the Lavender Bakehouse yesterday on your previous blog post recommendation and was well impressed. Thanks for the tip-off! ;-)

  5. Wow- love the stained glass and the star blanket- impressive!!

  6. beautiful stained glass! and blankie!

  7. I had no idea you did stained glass! It is absolutely beautiful! It doesn't have to be fancy to be beautiful. That's for certain. And congrats with your star blanket! It looks very nice and perfect for a little baby boy. Excellent job for an improvised project :)

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog Tickety and if you ever want to meet up, feel free to pm me via Rav

  9. The stained glass panel is gorgeous! I love the colours - inspired! Isnt it funny how some projects just fall into place quickly and simply?
    I cant believe you made that sweet star blanket in just two nights! Its wonderful.
    Gill xx

  10. Oh wow, you have been working hard! I love the stained glass, it will look beautiful when mounted.
    I love your star blanket, what a lucky little man!