Monday, 30 May 2011

Oh my Giddy Aunt!

::Evening all!::
Good evening out there. Hope you had a good weekend.
Let me start by saying I have had mahooosive problems with Blogger this week so if I haven't commented on your blog it's NOT me honest it's piggin Blogger. I have tried to comment but it takes me straight back to log on. I believe from Ravelry messages, others have had the same problems with commenting on my blog.
Here in the UK it has been a Bank Holiday weekend which means we all get Monday off! It has been shockingly bad weather so the Tickety-boo family had to cancel our planned weekend away to The Gower in Wales by the sea. I am so glad we did though because it's been" blowin a hooley!" , persisting it down and bloody freezing. It was brighter this evening so we went for a walk before the Littlies got their pjs on a I am glad we did. The smell of damp grass was lovely.

 You can just see the roof of my cottage through the trees. Now I know why there was sheep poo on my drive this morning!

I still can't show you some of my projects because the charming postie of my swap partner, kindly took her parcel back to the sorting office instead of delivering it to her so she cannot get her parcel until Tuesday!
Boo to you postie!!!!!! But what I can show you is the parcel the amazing Craftroom2010 sent me.
I was sooooooooooooooooo excited when I got home on Wednesday after a pretty crappy time at work to see my parcel waiting at my door. Woo-hoo!

Oh My Giddy Aunt look what was inside!


I was spoiled beyond belief! As were the Littlies with personalised notebooks, pencils and card games.
That Regia is to die for. Can't you see a new pair of socks on my chubby little porkers as we speak?????
I was mega tempted to have them cast on by now but in my recent bout of startitis I promised myself The Perfect Cardi (more of that in a mo) before they go on the pointy sticks of doom! There was beautiful hand made cards, gorgeous stitch markers, a lovely hand made book, handmade bag, lavender heart, vintage buttons and did I mention scrummy Regia yarn? Oh I did!
Well it's so good I'll say it twice. What a lucky girl I am. I am totaly delighted and couldn't ask for more.

I have released The Perfect Cardi from the naughty bag and cast the devil back on! So far so good. It seems to be behaving thus far. I have got 41 rows and third ball of yarn in

and I am pleased with the results although I think moss stitch is going to get quite tedious soon but..............but it's going to be worth it!!!!!! (this time I am employing the use of a lifeline so I won't have to frog so far if all goes wrong!)

So lovely bloglanders have a great week and I hope it's a sunny one :o)
Love Tickety-boo


  1. WOW! What a lovely assortment of fun knitting accessories!
    Lucky you, enjoy! xoRobin❤

  2. Wow! What a great parcel! Enjoy all that was in it!! Cx

  3. Wow, you lucky thing receiving all of that! Brilliant parcel, I'm sure it did cheer you up.. even if you had a rubbish day at work..!

    Ashley xx

  4. What a lovely idea to do a swap and you got some gorgeous goodies.

    Well done on perservering with Perfect Cardi :)


  5. I've recently stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading back through your previous posts. Blogger has been playing up terribly over the past week. I've found that I'm able to comment if I don't tick the keep me logged in box when I sign in to Blogger. It might work for you too, it's worth a try. What a fab swap parcel you received, lots of lovely goodies. I'm sure you'll enjoy using that Regia yarn.

  6. Cor - you've been spoilt rotten! That Regia is gorgeous isn't it? I love those colours.

    I've just finished a moss stitch bolero and it was sooo hard going, especially as I was using black yarn. I'm going to stay away from large scale moss stitch projects for a while now!

  7. moss stitch is boring,,,but ohh the effect is stunning ..hang on in there!!I did Mr Bonzoboy a sweater yrs ago in purple heather colour..well loved and admired..do some quick fixes inbetween for relief!!

  8. Its a shame you had to cancel your trip. I used to holiday in the Gower and the mumbles in Swansea when i was a child. Used to love days at Oxwich bay!
    Your swap parcel looks fab! i'm still waiting for mine but am so excited! lol. though i'm just as excited about my partner receiving hers! I hope the weather improves for you! :)

  9. Lovely swap parcel, some great things in there especially the sock yarn. Hope the cardi is behaving itself now, good idea about the lifeline.

  10. Sheep Poo! On your Drive! I hope yo are having a good half term, the weather seems to be picking up now. Your swap parcel looks perfect for you. I know you have been having problems with Posting Comments, I would try running Google Chrome as your internet browser, it is a free, quick download, someone advised me last week when I had a week of troubles with leaving comments, I couldn't even comment on my own blog, Google chrome seems to have resolved it! :) It is frustrating when your lovely followers can't communicate with you! :)

  11. Ive been having same probs too with blogger - still am unless i unclick the tick for "stay logged in" when logging in and it then seems to work as usual and allows me to leave comments - I know not how or why.
    Weather here in south east been great until today!Blowing a gale all night and still is now!
    What fantastic giveaway goodies you have - truly spoilt!
    Love the look of your cardi - colour is fab.
    Thaks for your very helpful hints - will def try the jar lanterns and paint them - have some glass paints somewhere, and the beads sound good idea too - thanks!
    Food idea sounds just my sort of thing - now have to find something to satisfy the old fashioned stick-in-the-mud i live with who dislikes most yummy summer outdoor food - he'd prefer a roast indoors on a beautfiful day :(
    And if he doesnt like the food he considers the entertaining a failure despite evryone else enjoying it!
    So thanks for all that!
    Enjoy whats left of weekend and half term!
    Gill xx

  12. what a loverley parcel to open up! Oooh, can't wait to see those socks started! I'm halfway through the last sock on a pair of regias and it is my favey favouritist sock yarn to knit with now, yours are perfect colours for you!!!
    Glad you had a lovely break away, that first photo looks like my dream home, away from lots of other homes and perfectly wonderfully quiet!
    Love to you XXXXX

  13. Baxtersrest Oxwich is exactly where we should have been going!
    Inthesky I ended up through other problems having to go back to factory settings and now have Google Chrome....so far so good!
    Alice we didn't get away that first photo is outside my house and I do love living here away from it all(except when we need a pint of milk and it's an 8mile trip).
    Love your comments guys. Thanks a lot. xxxx

  14. Oh and Bonzogirl nice to here from you. x

  15. Wow what a lovely parcel. Sorry you didn't get to the Gower but it was wet. We go to Oxwich as well - we love it been about 10 times since we've been retired and hoping to go again this year now hubby has had his hip op.

  16. Hi Tickety Boo!!That really is a generous swap parcel! The stipey wool looks fab, perfect for socks! Well chosen by your swap partner!
    We've now got the nasty cold wet weather here!
    Glad my post cheered you yesterday! Your comment cheered me!Made me smile - love the whistling in the peas story - your granny was a very wise and clever woman!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx