Sunday, 15 May 2011

New look and SSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!! There's a swap on.

Afternoon all you lovely bloggy people.
How's your week been?
What do you think of the new look blog?
I felt I had to make it a bit more..... well....my own.

The weather has turned this week and I have been very glad of my sock stash and felted slippers.
There was one nice afternoon where I managed to get a little hooky time in the sunshine but that was it.

I can't show you yet what I have been up to in yarny terms  because I have been making goodies to put in my Ravelry swap parcel and I know my swap partner has been reading my blog to get to know me better. So this is a very odd post of nothing much but bits and bobs.

Like this.......
The most mahooooosive egg I have ever seen!!! The lovely old lady who is our nearest neighbour keeps chickens and gives us eggs, as and when we need them. I have seen some strange eggs because they are not shop bought but I have never seen one this big. (the one on the left is an average sized egg) 
All I could think was ouch poor chicken!

Today we went for a walk and picnic at our favourite camping site, it's not far from home but once you are there and having coco round the campfire the worries of normal life just melt away and you could be a thousand miles away. We really went to book our annual camp out which involves us and at least 6 other families having a fantastic weekend together the first weekend of September. We started it as a surprise for Mr TB's 40th and it was so much fun it has become a yearly trip.
It is an environmentally friendly site with compostable loos (with the best view you have ever seen) and solar showers. It's so clean, tidy and friendly and best of all it allows open fires! A lovely safe place where the kids can have Famous Five style adventures (well all 16 of them!) with rope swings and den building and all sorts of games that end up with a BIG black ring around the bath on the Sunday night when we get home! The adults get some great catch up time and many many laughs and memories are made.

Today it was just us and the littlies for a walk not a camp. We took a picnic.

and cuddled 1 week old baby goats !!!!

This is Billy The Kid!

And that's about all I can blog about without giving away swap secrets!!

I will share the hooky stuff when the parcel has been opened by it's recipient.
So for now lovely people...........TTFN!
Have a great week.


  1. Firstly, I love the new look. It's very nice and I love the mosaic at the top. You have made some lovely things. Secondly, wow, that is a biiig egg! I've just started to buy eggs from my neighbours chickens. Makes me feel better that I know where they have come from and are definitely free range! Thirdly that camp sounds awesome and fourthly - how CuTe is that goat?!

    Look forward to hearing about your swap. I have sworn off them for now after getting my fingers burnt a couple of times (not by Lucy Group people though, those swaps went really well)

  2. I loved this post, you have some great fun. The little goat looked so sweet. Blimey that egg was a whopper! One of my hens nearly clucked for the first time today! But we are still a couple of months away from our first egg, I will shout it from the roof tops! Love your new look blog xxx

  3. I remember those "Famous Five" adventures!

  4. Oh I love the new layout, I want to get my crayons out and start colouring :)

  5. LOVE the new look! And very much love that baby goat. I IMAGINE that I would love keeping goats someday if I ever had land and a good fence... but that might be one of those things that is better in my head than in reality. :-)

  6. I've just found you blog and have really enjoyed working my way through it!! Sometimes it's not necessary to go far from home to have a really good time...a picnic and family is all that is needed....oh...and lashings of ginger beer!! LOL!! Cx

  7. TB, Just love your new look. I think it's awesome and so colorfully up to date. I don't know if that even makes sense but I love all the pictures you chose! I need to do the same sometime if I can figure it out. Have a lovely weekend! xoRobin❤