Saturday, 21 May 2011

Kiln Joy.

:: Happy Weekend to you all::
How have you been?
I am a bit jaded today................well to be honest I'm hungover! I had my lovely friends N and C round last night for a Knit n Natter but there was very little productivity of the yarny kind, but lots of productivity on reducing my wine wrack stash. They didn't leave until 1am and I had to be up a 7am.
My own fault really!
Anyhoo I have been hooking away on items for my swap partner this week so I can't share those until the parcel has been received by her so  instead I thought I'd share some of the fused glass I have been making.

I have a real fondness for hares, especially a particular medieval design that seems to appear around the South West of England which is three hares who share one ear. Sounds odd but you'll see what I mean in a mo. I have wanted to make a glass bowl for a while that incorporates this design. So last week at Stained Glass Class I broke out the traditional lead paint which comes in powder form. It's a tricky medium to work in, first you have to mix it with water to the correct consistency, then you have to apply to quickly and evenly to the glass before it dries, then dry it out and remove the paint using the tools to create the image you want without knocking off bits that you do want there!!!!
So I chose the glass, made my design, painted on the paint, removed the paint with much concentration(you know the sort I mean? The concentration that you hold your breath and your tongue sticks out the corner of you mouth)
cut another piece of clear glass the same size to sandwich the design, gave it to my amazing friend and tutor Caroline for the kiln. First it had to be fired to fuse the glass together and allow the paint to burn into the glass and then it had to be slumped into the mold to get the dish shape ................and this is what I got back

My very own Sushi dish.
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Also back from the magic kiln do you remember my buttons? The ones I wanted to make for The Perfect Cardi?

I Love these too!

I have made some other bits but that's a secret at the mo, which I'll share with you another time.

So I'm going to go take something to stop the oompa band that are wearing golf shoes marching across my head at the moment and hope that I may join the rest of the human race at some point today (probably after a power kip)!
Hope you all have a sunny fun filled week.
Love Tickety-boo


  1. Ooh they are so clever! I love the buttons. How is the cardi coming along?

  2. Hi TB, Loving your sushi plate and the BUTTONS!! Glad you had a good time last night despite the HO. Happy weekend to you, xoRobin❤

  3. BEAUTIFUL DISH! Sorry I will stop shouting, beautiful dish, I love the design, you are very clever. The buttons look fantastic too. I didn't have friends rounds last night or a drink but I still need a power nap today! x

  4. That's brilliant, a hangover after a knit-nat get together..we end up with fat tummies after eating tons of cake!!
    I just love that dish, it is priceless!! Well done you! and the buttons look fab too!!
    Take care

  5. What a coincidence that we both make stained glass! That dish is brilliant, so intricate and what a super idea to make your own buttons.

    P.S. Hope yo've recovered from the hangover! ;-)

  6. Absolutly love the buttons and stain glass another crafting winner.

    Hope the head has recovered now.