Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Shoes? Oh Sir! Suits you Sir!

:: Hello! It's Tuesday......how did that happen??::
I didn't do my weekend post this weekend. It whizzed by in the blink of an eye.
We had a lovely shopping trip to Cheltenham on Saturday. It was so sunny and pleasant walking around in short sleeves and sunglasses on. 
the title of this post may confuse those who are outside the UK but it refers to a TV programme I loved called 
(PLEASE DO NOT watch if you are easily offended)
The Fast Show which even Johnny Depp appeared in! 
I have been needing some new shoes for aaaaaaaages (over a year if I am honest) but I never seem to see any I like or are the right size for me but on Saturday it was fate I tell you!!!!
 I went into TK Max to get smallest littlie some new jeans and happened to take a route through the ladies shoes, as you do, well it would be rude not to really. There in amongst the clearance rack were these lovely red toed shoes poking out. I picked them up and immediately felt deflated at the size 8 label. Mr TB said "there's NO WAY they are an 8!" He was absolutley right. I held them up sole to sole with my UK size 3 Chuck Taylors and by Jove the were the same blooming size. I slipped my feet into them Cinderella stylie and would you Adam and Eve it? They fitted a treat. So I am now a very proud owner of a pair of red Mary Janes RRP £58.00 and I paid £11.00 :)

They are so lovely and squidgey inside and so am I!
Don't you think they'll look am-az-ing with my new socks when there done???

I am so enjoying these socks. They are pair number 3 of toe-up socks for me but the first pair to have a pattern knitted into them. 
The pattern is Mock Cable Socks from Wendy D. Johnson's book 
Socks from the Toe-Up. I love this book!
I was asked a few times after my last post what yarn I was using. It is Zig-Zag by King Cole in 745  Rhapsody colourway.
It's fab but I think the pattern would look better in a solid colour yarn but in the words of Mastermind 
"I've started so I'll finish!"

As for The Perfect Cardi???? Well it's in the naughty bag!! I have cast it on three times and frogged it three times. I am leaving it in the naughty bag until I go on my holiday in two weeks time when I hope it has learned it's lesson and we can make friends again and play nice!!!!! But I have decided to make my own buttons for my cardi by fusing glass, with copper hearts set inside. Want a sneeky peek at the early stages?

Have a lovely week my bloggy friends :)

Love Tickety-boo



  1. ooh cool! whats that yarn like to work with? I've eyed it up online but ended up getting opal instead!

    Love the shoes

  2. Good grief everyone is knitting socks and I can't even knit a garter stitch scarf. They look fab and will be great with your MJs.

    Thanks for your comment. I sometimes worry that one day I might have to go back to work and that I will find I have set the standards too high like you and end up martyring myself.

  3. Shoes are fab and the socks with them - perfect match!
    Cool idea with the buttons!! Can't wait to see the Perfect Cardi!!

  4. Oh bargin bargin bargin £11 that beats my £21 pair http://textureknit.blogspot.com/2011/03/ohhh-new-shoes-trip-to-broadway-and.html

    which are almost as cute as yours. You'll have to model them on the 7th :)

    I love the button idea you are so creative.

  5. How bargainous are those beautiful shoes, I need some new red shoes now! I am also fascinated to see more of your buttons they look intriguing, very clever and unique. :)

  6. Blimey, fusing glass with copper hearts inside? Thats sounds very adventurous, not your common or garden craft!! Go girl!! Am looking forwad to seeing those, I think they will be amazing!!!
    Those shoes are so sweet and soft looking - dont you just love TKMaxx for shoes? Sometimes theres nothing, but every now and then there are those you just cant go home without!
    Glad you like my YSL bargain - my daughter loves it!
    have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  7. I love the new shoes! I got some bright pink Converse from there a few weeks ago. I always find the shoes I fall in love with are never in my size!

    The buttons sound interesting, I can't wait to see them.