Monday, 9 May 2011

Felting Slippers

::Hello in blogland::
Welcome to my new followers and thank you to all of you who as always leave lovely comments. I love reading them and I love reading your blogs too, I do try to comment on them as often as I can.
So a big thankyou for dropping by and all your encouraging words!

Ok so on Saturday I did a Felted slippers workshop with Lucy from my LYS. I have never tried felting before and wasn't keen to do so without the aid of a safety net (yip Lucy that safety net was you). I wasn't sure what to expect so armed with enthusiasim, size 5mm needles and a packed lunch, oooo and enough home made Madeira Cake to floor a Rhino, to share with the others I trundled off.
I did have the added bonus of dragging along my faithful friend C and knowing most of the ladies there apart from two, who are fellow Ravelers.
What a nice bunch :o)

Lucy gave us our patterns and we all picked our yarns.
It was wierd using those pointy sticks of doom again after hooks and circular needles.
52 stitches cast on and still don't have the a scooby-doo what I'm doing!

But I had faith and in true British style Keep Calm and Carry Yarn!!!

but it still was looking well......nothing like a slipper

mmmmmmm I know she was a wooly wonder brain our Lucy but I don't get it........... that's why she was the tutor and me the student!

Pattern followed (sort of, I freestyled a little but through error not judgement)
cast off and sewn up! At last it was looking more like a slipper, albeit a slipper for a 4 year old. I know my porkers are only a UK size 3 but these buggers are teeny!

Keep the faith.....Keep the faith

Off we ventured to the kitchens of the 1705 Georgian Mansion we were working in and into the washing machine all 7 pairs went on 90 degree wash.
You could cut the tension with a knife! Especially when the lathered turned pink!!! You know who you are ;o) just read TextureKnits blog not naming any names or anything lol!

Out they came. It was the most unusual thing in the world to plunge my feet in sopping wet wool (I hate wet wool and save my handwashing 'til I see my Mum so she can do it!) eeeeeeuuuuukkkkkkkk! The smell was not too great either.
But they fitted.
and now with my own embelishments I have a pair of felted slippers of my very own!


I think in future I will have more faith in Lucy the Wooly Wonder brain she really is Dali Darner !

Have a great week all of you.
I hope it's a good one.


  1. What fun you had !!
    These look great

  2. Those are just too good! What an excellent LYS. Great fun. Everything you show I want! I am still working on *&^*"**y sockie wockies and I havn't found any new red shoes yet! Now I neeeeed felted slippers! :)

  3. Sorry Inthesky I should have made that clearer the building is an Arts Centre which Lucy came to tutor at.
    You make my laugh!!! Always look forward to your comments.

  4. They look fabulous! I've always been nervous of felting and I have yet to try it. On purpose that is, I've felted lots of things by accident.

    And grr at you with your small feet! ;-) If I were a 3 I would have so many shoes as all the ones I like in the sales are 3's. I think last time my feet were that size I was about 12.

  5. Love your slippers TB! What fun that must have been to do with friends. It must have been nice to go home with a finished project.......but i bet it was still wet. xoRobin❤

  6. Cute slippers! Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the workshop :)

    Kim x

  7. Great slippers! What fun!
    Thanks for your comment.
    The paint I used for the chest of drawers was Crown "Cream White" non-drip satin - a waterbased satinwood,dries very quickly (touch dry after an hour)with a light sheen.
    No fancy F & B, although you could use them as they are lovely, but I find it too expensive for a largish job like this ( although am using it for some scandinavian chairs Im doing) but these chests take nearly half a can of paint each.
    Will be doing a tutorial soon as few others have asked.
    Gill x

  8. Very cute! I love them. :)

  9. Love the new Blog look!
    What fun in class! Came out great.
    I'm in the mood to do a bag.

  10. Lovely slippers, and lovely new look! Love your photo mosaic on top, and the drawn birdies are so funny!! :-)