Monday, 2 May 2011

Ta-Dah III (with a little disappointment)

:: May Day Bank Holiday ::
That's the first day of May rather than a distress call!
How are you all? Hope you have had a good week. The sun has been make a lot of appearences over the last few weeks which makes me VERY happy. We have had BBQ's already and the garden is lush and green.
Can't quite believe it's only the 2nd May. Even the strawberry plants have flowered!

I tidied up the garden and tried to give the cottage door a more welcoming feel.
So I painted a new sign and planted a few plants. What do you think?

The Littlies and I painted the heart stone Middle Littlie found when we were on holiday.

It brightens up a dark little corner of the garden no end.

and so to the Ta-Dah III and the disappointment. I bought some hand dyed yarn from a fellow blogger and Raveler Clicky Needles. She has just started an online shop for her lovely hand dyed yarns. It arrived very quickly and I was delighted with it. I picked up my Socks from The Toe Up book and flicked through and found a fantastic pattern called Serpentine Socks. Totaly lovely!
I cast them on whilst on holiday after making a very speedy pair of ribbed socks for smallest littlie which I'll post about another time. I loved knitting this pattern it was interesting enough without being too challenging. Last night I finished them Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee! But not quite squeeeeeeeeeee.
Why not squeeeeeeee? Because the bloody things are too blinking small!!!
They fitted until I turned the heel and now I can't get my porkers in them. Hence the disappointment part.
Far be it from Biggest Littlie to hide her light under a bushell, she jumped right on in there and in Cinderella stylie declared "they fit, they fit, they fit!" So I guess they are now hers. But here the are anyway
 modelled by Biggest Littlie............

I guess that's them gone then eh?

Anyway this isn't getting the picnic packed and the kids are chomping at the bit so I will leave it there for now.
Have a great week evrybody!

Love Tickety-boo xxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh my, that is disappointing that these gorgeous and so detailed socks don't fit you! BUT boy are they beautiful and you did a great job. I am happy they fit your daughter, so you can keep them in the family!
    I love your door welcoming, it looks so sweet. Mostly I love the heart stone, you all did a great painting. I am always looking for heart shaped stones on my walks on the beach. The shape just really says it all!
    Great post have a nice picnic..........you have been so busy and it all looks wonderful. Have a great week. xoRobin❤

  2. Those socks look like they are a perfect fit...just not for you :) x

  3. Fabulous socks, well done for claiming them Cinders.
    Carol xx

  4. Oh what fabulous socks! Looks like you need to get buying some more fancy sock yarn for yourself and make a new pair all for you!

    I love the heart stone and the sign, looks great.

  5. Love those socks!! Good thing you've got so many feet in the house - no sock will go to waste!

    I just started knitting a couple of weeks ago, and am dying to try my hand at socks... but am slogging through a scarf for now, to get comfortable with two pointy sticks instead of one hook.

    Thanks for visiting my long-neglected blog, lately. After reading your Blogger profile, looks like we have a lot in common!. In addition to the British comedies, I'm a big Pratchett fan, though I haven't read him in forever.

    Have a great day :-)

  6. Aw such a shame about the size. Look good though ( but I would say that wouldn't I?)

    I totally know how that feels! Mad Hatters and all, and god I loved that colourway!!! I totally misjudged the size of my foot on them too and I was gutted!
    Anyway, lucky they fit someone, even though I'd be grumblong every time I saw them on her lovely little feet!!!!!!! he he he he he
    Mine are going to my sister. Grrrrrrr
    Loving the pattern though, you are a talented sock knitter Gilly!

  8. The socks are gorgeous - beautifully knitted!
    But what a shame not for you - still, they will be enjoyed and worn!
    Thanks for you lovely comments - made my day!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill x