Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bits n Bobs n Catch Up

Hello lovelies. 
Is anyone feeling festive yet?
The Littlies are desperate to get the Christmas tree up and I have to say I am quite keen but the de-clutter and clean up has to take place first and traditionally we get our tree the weekend before eldest's birthday, which would make it tree time next weekend. 
I tried to keep the Festive spirit alive in them by giving them a brilliant pack of gummed paper strips to make paper chains from Wilkinsons which cost a fantastic £1.00!!! I haven't seen the three of them so quite and engrossed in anything for such a long time.
4hours!!! A whole 4 hours of quiet.
They had a ball. Now I don't have a clue where I am going to put them as they would reach from here to the moon and back :)

£1.00 well spent me thinks.

My needles have been busy too. I started to make these little socks
 or Elf stockings as the kids have called them.

I started out on this as an advent calender but there is no hope of finishing everything I have to do and knit 24 of them so some are going on the tree and some are going to have a miniature of booze (probably Baileys) in them and a choccy and sent home to Scotland as little pressies.

I have knitted so many hats of late but biggest Littlie pinches them all so I knitted this one for me, me, me I tell you!!! I am determined to keep this one because I had a terrible time knitting it. The yarn had a lot of lanolin left in it and made my hands break out and bleed. Was I deterred?  Not chuffing likely! I am made of sterner stuff than that. I ended up knitting it wearing cotton gloves. Once it was washed it was much better and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The pattern is Star Crossed Slouchy Beret one Ravelry it's a fantastic pattern and a quick and enjoyable knit. 

I have also been making Christmas decorations at Glass Class to give as Christmas gifts but I think I'm going to have to keep the little Robin for myself!

Righto I am off to do a bit more de-cluttering while Middlie is asleep. She has a tummy bug and isn't feeling well at all. I hope she's better for school next week because she has a school disco, Nativity Play and Ballet performance but also Eldest has friends sleeping over next weekend for her 13 Birthday and Middlie has a bedroom to tidy before that can happen!

Thanks for popping by. Have a great week.